He came back

Zoe just wanted to have the perfect summer, she never expected that it would mean meeting somebody she hates. Louis was once her best friend, but that all changed after One Direction was formed. Zoe and Louis lived next door to each other growing up in Doncaster. They spent every day together but not for long. But they reunited Zoe still hating Louis and Louis just wants to be friends.


4. the club and the death

*ding dong* I GOT IT i screamed to my mom, wait why did i scream to my mom she isn't even home.  hey howdy come in.  thanks deb lets go to the club.  so i need to tell you something deb.  yeah i asked?  well i broke up with Eleanor.  WHAT! i screamed you were huh she love wha. chill he said. i want to be with you not Eleanor she means nothing to me and you, you mean the world to me.  i smiled and looked down, my phone rang.  hello? i answered it was an unknown number.  oh my god! what is it Louis asked? ok ill be right there i hung up the phone and started to cry.  Louis embraced me into a hug and laid his head on mine, what happened Zoe tell me.  my mom she she she.  she what Louis asked?  she's in the hospital i said faintly.  Louis gasped and said come on i'll drive you to the hospital.  

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