He came back

Zoe just wanted to have the perfect summer, she never expected that it would mean meeting somebody she hates. Louis was once her best friend, but that all changed after One Direction was formed. Zoe and Louis lived next door to each other growing up in Doncaster. They spent every day together but not for long. But they reunited Zoe still hating Louis and Louis just wants to be friends.


2. The bus

oh god, i said to myself.  no no no it can't be.  Liza heard that one and questioned me.  whats wrong Zo? oh uh nothing Liza Just nothing.  we hopped out of the car and onto the beach.  i stared at my phone looking through my old pictures and saw pics of me and Louis.  i grinned but then slammed my phone shut i wasn't going to think of him.  my ex best friend the guy i had a crush on but no has Eleanor.  o wonder if he has the same number? or if he remebers me? ill be right back Liza i said.  ok she replied.  i ran to the snack shop.  little did i know Louis would be there.  i was looking at there tour bus when, Zoe? Louis said.  oh great i mumbled. i was still looking at the bus when Louis walked over to me.  

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