He came back

Zoe just wanted to have the perfect summer, she never expected that it would mean meeting somebody she hates. Louis was once her best friend, but that all changed after One Direction was formed. Zoe and Louis lived next door to each other growing up in Doncaster. They spent every day together but not for long. But they reunited Zoe still hating Louis and Louis just wants to be friends.


8. tears and love songs

Zoe's -pov-


how how how could you i cried.  "i loved him he came back for me and you ruined it for us"  Zoe listen Kevin said "you didn't hear what he was saying he was treating you terribly you nee" I cut him off "I don't care what you thoughtI loved him and he treated me great until you ruined it for us, you just came and beat him up and threw him out the door" "ZOE ENOUGH JUST GO TO BED" Kevin screamed to me I ran upstairs crying and I heard the house door shut.  of course Kevin left.  all of the sudden I heard singing.  "oh girl I left you, you cried i didn't even say goodbye then i kissed you but I still miss youuu.  If you could see the smile on my face whenever I'm in the same place as youu.  I'm not gonna leave I'll stay here until the autumn leaves turn greeeen.  oh baby i got hit i got yelled i got thrown out the door but i'm only here forrr you.  so won't you forgive me won't you come and live the rest of your life with meeee"  I looked out the window and saw Louis standing there with a guitar in his hand screaming "ZOE I LOVE YOU"  i ran downstairs out the door and louis lifted me up and kissed me. 

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