He came back

Zoe just wanted to have the perfect summer, she never expected that it would mean meeting somebody she hates. Louis was once her best friend, but that all changed after One Direction was formed. Zoe and Louis lived next door to each other growing up in Doncaster. They spent every day together but not for long. But they reunited Zoe still hating Louis and Louis just wants to be friends.


3. leave

what do you want? i snarled back to him.  listen Zoe i know i left you for One Direction but that was a mistake i jus.  save it you left me when i was there it was the week before prom you were supposed to take me but you left, i said about to cry.  Zoe its ok he said putting his hand on my shoulder.  i know i left you and i regret it i wish i was still with you we would be sitting in the club listening to Gary Morris (the club is what we call my basement its where we hangout and Gary Morris is our favorite show) yeah well you left and were not in the club were here arguing and i wish we weren't. Deb (deb is what Louis calls me just like i call him Howdy) i wish i didn't leave i wish i took you to prom and i wish i wasn't with Eleanor anymore.  fine howdy the in 3 hours come to the club and we will talk ok? ok.

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