One Direction Imagines

Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you (PG, PG13, R) and I'll try my best to make you happy :)


15. Pool Party - Jessica (1d_jb_me)

Last week, you got invited to a pool party for one of the girls in your school's birthday. You don't really talk to her or any of her friends because they're the popular crew so you're bit surprise for the invitation. During lunch, you tell your best friend, Kayla about it and decide to take her with you. She says yes and you feel relieved that you will be in the year's most important party and you won't be alone. After school, she comes over to your house so you can plan what you'll wear to the party, together. As you both look through your stuff, you try on the different bikinis you own and vote on which one looks better on each of you. Finally, you pick the one that's best and Kayla's mom comes to pick her up. Days go by and finally, the day is here. Stephanie's birthday party has finally arrived. You agreed to meet Kayla there so you both get ready at your own house. Once you get there, Kayla is already waiting for you.
Kayla: Finally!
You: Sorry, there's was a bit of traffic.
Kayla: Yeah, whatever...let's go!
You walk in through the gate into the back yard. Literally, almost the entire school is there, splashing water, dancing and eating snacks. You and Kayla fix your hair as you see Stephanie walking up to you.
Stephanie: Hey girls!
You: Hi Stephanie.
Kayla: Hi.
Stephanie: I'm sooo happy you guys made it!
Kayla: Us too!
You look at Kayla as she smiles right at Stephanie. So much for not sounding desperate.
Stephanie: Well, thanks for coming. Have a good time and enjoy!
She waves at you and walks to her friends. As you and Kayla settle yourselves at a near by table, you spot the most gorgeous blonde guy in school. Niall is there and you hope you look good to impress him. You feel as if it's just you two there and no one else. As you admire his tan and muscular body, Kayla elbows you on your side.
Kayla: Drooling much?
You: Sorry.
Kayla: Look, we both know that he is soooo good looking but let's face it, he's not for us.
You roll your eyes at the comment she makes and think she's probably right. You fix your towel on the chair and you suddenly feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and completely freeze as you see Niall standing right infront of you.
Niall: Hey.
You: ...
Niall smiles and giggles. Kayla then notices what's going on and elbows you once again.
You: Hi.
Niall: You alright?
You: Yeah, I'm fine.
Niall: I'm really glad you came.
You: You are?
Niall: Hey, you got a minute?
You open your eyes, widely, and don't know what to say.
Kayla: She does...go ahead Jess, I'll watch our stuff.
Niall: Thanks.
You follow him inside the house. You both sit on one of the couches and he starts talking.
Niall: It's really cool in here.
You: Yeah.
Niall: You look really pretty the way.
You: Thanks. Um, you look...pretty...shirtless.
Niall: Thanks. I tried by best.
You both laugh and before you know it, you look at the time and realize you have been talking for the past hour.
Niall: What's wrong?
You: Nothing.
Niall: Are you sure?
You: Yeah.
Niall: Okay well, I wanna show you something.
He grabs your hand as he helps you get up. You both put your drinks on the coffee table and head upstairs. He opens the door and leads you inside. You then realize that you're in his bedrrom. He sits on the bed and pats the spot right next to him, indicating you to sit with him.
Niall: I wanted to talk to you in a more private place.
You: Talk to me? What about?
Niall: Us...
You: Us?
Niall: Yeah. I wanted to tell you that I've seen you around at school and I think I like you.
You can't believe what he's telling you so you pinch yourself to see if you wake up. He notices it and laughs.
Niall: Don't worry, you're pretty wide awake.
You put your head down and start to blush. He lifts it back up and smiles.
Niall: It's alright. You don't have to tell me you like me back.
You: I've had a crush on you too.
He leans in and kisses you passionately. You place your hands on both of his cheecks as he reaches over and unties your top. He then runs his hands over your breasts as you take his shorts off. He removes your bottom and without any hesitation, he slams himself into you. As he thrusts in a gentle pace, he runs his hands up and down your legs and your body.
Niall: I love you.
You: I love you too.
You both moan it in eachother's ear. A knock on the door makes him quickly withdraw and put his shorts back on. He hands you your bikini and helps you with it.
Niall: I loved it.
He smiles and opens the door. His friend is standing outside the door with an open mouth.
Friend: What's going on in here?
Niall: Nothing man. What do you want?
His friend stares at you with a distracting look.
Friend: Uh, they want you outside.
Niall: Okay, I'll be there.
Friend: Wait a minute! You two are about to bang aren't you?! FINALLY! Hey Jess, this dude has been wanting you since forever. Give him some sugar, he's a real cool guy!
You smile and feel yourself blushing once again.
Niall: C'mon, leave!
Friend: Dude! Congrats man!
He leaves and Niall closes the door. He walks up to you and smiles.
Niall: Sorry about that.
You: What was all that about?
Niall: Well, hes my best man and he knows how bad I like you. So he convinced Stephanie to invite you so I could finally confess my love to you.
You: Aw.
He lifts you up and twirls you around. He then puts you down and kisses you.
Niall: I guess I FINALLY have the girl of my dreams.
You: I guess you FINALLY do.

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