One Direction Imagines

Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you (PG, PG13, R) and I'll try my best to make you happy :)


10. Official Relationship - Sian (Welsh1Dfan)

You and Niall have been on a few dates but now you want something more. You want something more serious and official relationship. Today you finally build up the courage to talk to him about it and see what he thinks.
You: So, I've been thinking about us and I think we should do things on a more serious basis.
Niall: Like on an actual couple basis?
You: Yeah. I mean, we've been doing this for so long. I guess I just want to feel you mine and know you're gonna be there all the time.
As you have this conversation, you both are wondering around eachothers' clothes. You make your way down to his zipper.
Niall: I've wanted this too but I never felt confident enough to talk to you about it.
You take off eachothers' clothes, slowly as you talk, leaving one another in your bare skins. As he works his tongue around your breasts, you lower your hand and cup his erection.
You: Really? You should've told me...
Niall: Yeah, I know. But now that we're talking about it, it makes sense for me to tell you that we definately should take things to the next level because we spend so much time together and that time is a great time.
You gently squeeze him as he slides his hand up the inside of your thigh. After he kisses your thigh, he leans back and reaches for a condom that's sitting on the side table.
He puts it on, lays you back on the couch and without warning you, he thrusts deeply inside you. You then wrap your legs around his waist for a better grip, forcing him to rock you tighter. He throws his head back, closing his eyes and lets out a sexy moan that makes you moan as if it was an echo. As he finishes, he withdraws and lays on top of you while you run your finger through his hair and down his back.
Niall: So, are we official now?
You grab one of the pillows next to you and hit him with it.
You: Ofcourse we are! I mean, unless you wanna show me what you just did again.
You wink at him and he smiles. He grabs your face and kisses you.

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