One Direction Imagines

Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you (PG, PG13, R) and I'll try my best to make you happy :)


51. Nandos - Michelle (Michelle99)

You and Niall have been dating for three years and have been living together for one year. Today, you're watching TV on the couch before Naill's phone rings.

*On the phone*

Zayn: Hey mate, want to come to Nando's with me and the lads?

Niall: Sure.

Zayn: Alright, we're here. We'll wait for you and Michelle so we can order all together...

Niall: Okay, we're there in a bit. Bye.

Zayn: Bye.

He hangs up and looks at you as you turn the TV off.

You: Who was that?

Niall: Zayn. He and the lads want us to go have lunch with them at Nandos.

You: Oh.

Niall: You wanna go?

You: Sure. Let me go get ready.

Niall: Okay, I'll wait for you here.

You head upstairs to your bedroom and get ready. You try to get ready as fast as possible. Once you're done, you go downstairs to meet Niall. As you're walking down the stairs, you notice him looking at you with his jaw dropped. You hold on to the railing with one hand, the other hand on your hip and bend one leg, giving him a little pose. He smiles and walks up to you.

Niall: Damn, you look very sexy.

You giggle and blush a bit.

You: Thanks Nialler. You look really hot yourself.

He takes your hand, fits his fingers in between yours and you walk out to the car. You arrive at Nandos and he runs over to your side, opens the door for you and helps you out. Once you're out, you smile and kiss him. The boys are outside of the building waiting for you so you see them and greet them before heading inside to grab lunch. As you're eating, Niall sends some dirty texts to you, which you reply back with dirty things also. After you reply to this most recent text, you look up and notice Zayn looking at you. You've actually caught him a few times but haven't done or said anything about it. This time, you ignore it once again. You then look over at Niall's phone and see that he's texting Zayn. You quickly look away and pretend like you didn't see anything. You then notice that Zayn looks at you, then at Niall and nods. You're very confused but decide to let it go. Eventually, you all finish eating so leave the place. As you're walking outside to your cars, Niall stops you.

Niall: Zayn 's coming with us. Is that alright?

You: Yeah, okay.

The entire ride back home, was really silent. You felt it longer than usual so once you get home, you're relieved. When you get inside, Zayn goes straight to the guest room and you and Niall stay downstairs in the living room.

Niall: You know Michelle, I really don't like how you turn me on so much...specially today.

You: Oh really?

Niall: Yes. Really.

He grabs your face and kisses you. You kiss him back, playing with the hair on the back of his head. He then bites your lower lip and picks you up, placing his hands on your butt as you wrap your legs around his waist. He carries you upstairs to the bedroom and once you're there, he closes the door behind him and puts you down on the bed. He reaches out behind you and unzips your dress. You kiss as he slides it off. Then with you pulling at the hem of of shirt, he breaks the kiss to take it off. He bends down and kisses your neck. You run your hands from his chest, down to his pants. You unbuckle his belt, unbutton his jeans and unzip them before he helps you by sliding them down. He then moans as you palm his hard erection. He reaches behind you, unclips your bra, removes it and throws it behind him. He leans down to suck your nipple and massages the other breast while you moan. He soon lays you on your back, and opens your legs to kiss your inner thigh. He makes his way down to your clit and kisses it. At first, he massages it slowly but then increases his speed, making you moan.

You: Oooo...Niall!

He stands up and kisses you. As he's ready to place his penis inside of you, Zayn knocks on the door.

Zayn: I'm trying to watch TV but I'll I can hear is you too. Keep it down in there! 

Niall: Sorry mate!

Niall then lays on the bed. You climb on top of him and place yourself right on his penis. He helps you put it inside and begins thrusting. As soon as you both hit your orgasm, he turns you around, making you lay on top of him.

Niall: I love you so much.

You: I love you too.

You and Niall cuddle in bed. You fall asleep and the next morning, you have round two.

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