One Direction Imagines

Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you (PG, PG13, R) and I'll try my best to make you happy :)


30. Concert - Ida (❤ Ida ❤)

Tonight, Liam invited you to a concert. To his friend, Ed Sheeran's. You've always been a fan of him but haven't gone to see him. You are really excited and happy that Liam is taking you. He soon picks you up and drives you to the venue. Once you're there, you go inside and take your seats. As you're waiting there, Ed finally comes out and begins to sing. During the concert, he dedicates a song to you and Liam. No one looks at you because they have no idea you're in the building. After the concert ends, Liam takes you somewhere.

You: Where are we going?

Liam: You'll see.

You: I'll see what?

Liam: You'll see.

You then notice that you're backstage and start to get a bit nervous. You finally get to a door and Liam takes you inside. Once you're inside, you see Ed there with some fans and his management people.

Liam: Ed!

Ed: Hey mate.

Liam: This is Ida.

Ed: Ida. I finally get to meet you. Liam was hiding you long enough from everyone.

You smile and hug him. Everyone around you is taking pictures of this moment.

Liam: You smashed it out there!

Ed: Ha. Thanks!

You: You did. You were amazing! You're really talented.

Ed: Thanks. I'm glad you guys liked it.

You: How could we not. Oh, and thanks for the song.

Ed: No problem. Thanks for coming.

You soon leave and go to his after party.

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