One Direction Imagines

Hey guys! I wanted to try out something new so I'm going to be writing One Direction imagines for you guys. Just comment below: your name, the 1D member you'd prefer and the rating that's best for you (PG, PG13, R) and I'll try my best to make you happy :)


5. Anniversary - Alyssa (ILoveOneDirection*_*)

Today is your anniversary. You and Harry have been dating for a year now and he invited you over for a romantic dinner he prepared himself. You sit next to eachother on the couch as you watch The Notebook. He turns to look at you and as he does, he slowly slides his hand up your leg. He works his way up to the hem of your shirt, sliding his hand under the silky fabric, gently moving his way up your back. He leans in and kisses you. As you respond back, kissing him, you bite his lower lip. His hand then stops at the strap of your bra and you break the kiss, resting your forehead on his. You both try to catch your breath in an awkward moment of silence.
You: I'm...I'm not ready.
You look down, disappointed. He moves his hand away, slowly pulling your shirt back down into place.
You: I'm so sorry.
Harry: Don't worry babe.
You: I just want my first time to be special. I want to be 100% ready.
Harry: I understand and I want you to know that no matter how long I have to wait, I'm gonna wait for you and make sure that moment's really special.
You smile and he kisses your forehead. You grab him from the side of his face and give him a sweet kiss on the lips. You cuddle and watch movies the rest of the night.

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