The story of us-Sequel to 'Who is this girl?'

So here it is, the next book. Hi, Niall Horan here, so considering the fact that your reading this, it means you want to know what happens next.

Well management tried, Simon tried, Fans tried, even randomers tried. But me and Maria are still together.

Its difficult, but we pull through.


2. The news paper headline

As I said before, the magazines and press were trying to get a story out of me and Maria, but they were failing. The latest headline.

'Cheating Horan?'

'One direction band member, Niall Horan was seen out on the streets yesterday with fan, holding hands?

Are there problems in the his relationship with Maria, well if he's running around with ordinary fans, then his ordinary girlfriend must be very angry'

"What the hell" Maria screamed, shoving the magazine in my face.

"You don't believe it do you?" I asked upset

"No... I don't know, there's been so many pictures that I don't know what to believe anymore" she said, almost on the brink of tears.

"Believe me, I would never hurt you again. I hurt you once and that ended up with me loosing you. I am not making the same mistake again" I said, walking towards her.

She flinched at first, but then threw herself into my arms, her once warm body, now frozen like ice.

"Every things gonna work out, we've fought for too long for them to break us up now" I said, stroking her hair.

"O-Ok, I'm not about to give up on you" she stuttered.

"Good, cus I ain't giving up on you bubby" I said, lightly kissing her head.

Things had changed a lot since me and Maria made our relationship official, people started to notice her more, she started her writing and had some articles published. The fans loved Maria, she was always so nice to them, and Maria was the one who set up out officail fan club page, she runs day to day competitions and acknowledges the fans on all the socail network sites.

Life would be perfect, if management and the apps would get 1 thing through their heads, Maria is mine and she ain't going nowhere.

A/N: sorry for no writing for a while, I've been on holiday :). Went to London for a bit, bit of rain but owell. How is everyone. Hope u r enjoying this story. Thanks for reading.
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