The story of us-Sequel to 'Who is this girl?'

So here it is, the next book. Hi, Niall Horan here, so considering the fact that your reading this, it means you want to know what happens next.

Well management tried, Simon tried, Fans tried, even randomers tried. But me and Maria are still together.

Its difficult, but we pull through.


1. So here we, the beginning again

Remember the last time we spoke, it was the ending of the last story, problem is, it never really ended.

People are trying to stop me and Maria dating, but it isnt working, we've been going strong for 4 months now, and I wouldnt trade it for the world.

The fans are sticking up for us, and for that I am grateful, and thankful.

Management and photographers keep trying to catch me cheating or something stupid like that, but it wont work. I would never cheat on Maria, she is my princess, my one and only.

So its time to begin, this story will have tears and problems, fights and even break ups.

Oh i forgot to intorduce myself, Im Niall Horan, and this is the story of us.

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