The story of us-Sequel to 'Who is this girl?'

So here it is, the next book. Hi, Niall Horan here, so considering the fact that your reading this, it means you want to know what happens next.

Well management tried, Simon tried, Fans tried, even randomers tried. But me and Maria are still together.

Its difficult, but we pull through.


4. Have I told you I love you?

Maria's POV:

Niall had blind folded me the entire journey. I couldn't help but be curious, yet slightly worried as well. Suddenly the car stopped and Niall began taking the blindfold off, only to reveal an old fashioned carnival. It looked like something from the 50's, it was amazing.

"Oh my gosh, niall, where are we?" I asked, shocked.

"We are, well actually I don't know. I was gonna take us to the park, but then I saw this sign advertising the fair, so I took a risk. Did it pay off?" He asked.

"Did it ever" I smiled.

 I grabbed his hand and pulled him over towards the nearest ride, which happened to be an old Ferris wheel. We both poured into the cart and the ride began.

"This is amazing Niall" I smiled at him.

"Isn't it just" he said, something was wrong though.

"Niall what is it?" You asked.

"Oh nothing, well there is something" he frowned.

Oh god, was he dumping me, if he was it would be pretty stupid given that you were 50ft in the air already.

"Maria, what happened today, with the paparazzi. I just want to know if you can handle it all." He said.

"What do you mean handle it all?" I asked.

"I mean, all the rumors, all the attention, the photographs, everything. I don't want to lose you is all" he said, mumbling the last part.

 I suddenly saw a glistening little tear run down his cheek, I smiled and he looked at me confused.

"What are you smiling at?" He asked, clearly confused.

"Nothing" I smiled cheekily.

"No, your smiling for a reason, you always smile for a reason" he said.

"Am I really that easy to read?" I asked.

"Not really, but I know you, so its easier for me to understand your actions. Now tell me why your smiling" he almost yelled the last part.

"I just... realised" I mumbled.

"Realised what?" He asked.

"How much I love you" i smiled.

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