The story of us-Sequel to 'Who is this girl?'

So here it is, the next book. Hi, Niall Horan here, so considering the fact that your reading this, it means you want to know what happens next.

Well management tried, Simon tried, Fans tried, even randomers tried. But me and Maria are still together.

Its difficult, but we pull through.


3. Fun and games

Maria's POV:

Ever since the event of the 'cheating incident', Niall won't let me out his sight, like I'm the one who was accused of cheating.

I don't mind spending time with him, but when he won't even let me out the front door, that is when you need to take action.

"I'm just going to the shops, ill be back soon Niall" I called up to Niall.

"Wait, I'm coming with you" he yelled, running into the room.

"No your not, you are going to let me go on my own, your being paranoid" I said seriously.

"But..." He started.

"No buts, I'm not going anywhere else but the store, I won't talk to anyone, and I will be on my best behavior" I said smiling at him.

"Ok, but promise me you will watch out for paps and fans, ok?" He said.

"Ok, I pinky promise" I said placing a soft kiss on his lips and leaving out the front door.

It was a surprisingly nice day, weird, I know.

I walked down the street, my cute floral dolly shoes tapping in the concrete. There wasn't that many people out, probably drove down to the beach. I only had to walk for about 10 minutes until I reached Harrods, after my writing stepped up a notch, I was earning much more.

I entered and got welcomed immediatley by the sale workers, they recognized me from the magazines, and they are just really polite.

I looked around for a bit, I found the cutest teapot, yes I have a fascination for them. I bought some shortbread cookies, Harrods sells the best.

I payed for my stuff and left, as soon as I walked out the door, I was bombarded by paparazzi and fans, how does Niall do this?

"Where's Niall?" Some said. And "is there problems in the relationship?" Or "how do you feel about him cheating?"

It annoyed me, but I kept on walking with my head down, I ran to a taxi and asked him to step on it.

When I reached the house I got payed the guy, grabbed my bags before getting out, and ran Ito the house. I slammed the door shut and leaned against it for a while, until Niall walked in the room.

"Are you alright babe?" He asked, but he could tell by my eyes that I wasn't. He walked over to me and took my hand, leading me to the living room.

"What happened?" He asked after sitting us both down on the sofa.

"Nothing, just the paparazzi" I said.

"It's not just them, it's everything, this whole situation" I said, resting my head in my hands.

"You mean us don't you?" He mumbled.

"I-I don't know anymore" I replied.

"Come with me" he whispered.

I was confused but I let him take my hand, and lead me out the front door.

He pulled me towards the car and after us both getting in, he drove.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Somewhere" he said mysteriously.

"Where's somewhere?" I asked again.

"Somewhere with fun and games" he smiled.
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