Undercover (ON HOLD)

A Princess in the making is very stressful work. Listening to her brother Clairissa goes on a break night out with him. She then wakes up in a strange place. She ventres through the city when she is attacked by a gangster. She flees for her life. She runs into a crowd of people and cameras, not careing about who might see her she keeps running, even worse security guards are chasing her, she's still running until she crashes into the body of a handsom young blonde boy. She changes her name to Clare and tries to find a way back to her home, but has to stay Undercover.

Dedicated to my best friend forever&always AKA: Clare.


9. The Ingury

"Well it looks like you've torn your hamstring," the doctor said, "You'll need to be on crutches for at least a week or two and gradually start to walk, then jog, then run and eventually sprint."

"How long till she heals?" Niall asks.

"Around 6 weeks," he said.

"Well Clare looks we got a long lazy 6 weeks ahead of us," Josah said smiling at me, I smiled back.

"Yep and you'll be spending it with the 5 weirdest boys in the world, also known as One Direction!" Niall said. The boys bowed down towards me and I laughed. I noticed Niall gave Josah a short glare, what was his problem? 

"When can I leave?" I asked the doctor.

He looked at his clipboard, "Well other then that you seem to be fine, so you can go today. But I want you to see a psychiatric at least once a week." He handed me a prescription. He gave one more smile before he exited the room.

"Thank you Niall, I know I've been quite a bit of trouble since you took me in." I said.

"Oh you've been none at all, accidents happen," Niall said.

"Yah! And if you weren't there to take the fall it would of been me with the torn hamstring!" Louis said.

"That wouldn't be good for our tour," Zayn said, I couldn't help but slightly laugh.

"How are you?" Jeremey asked entering the room with Marcus behind him.

"I'm great thank you!" I said smiling. Marcus gave me a small smile and I frowned.

"So what is it?" Marcus asked.

"I tore my hamstring," I said softly.

"Yikes that takes awhile to heal," Marcus said.

"You would know wouldn't you?" I said.

"Well with playing, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, and doing running I've had my few share of injuries," Marcus said. I rolled my eyes this is what I hate about Marcus he's such a show off. Apparently Louis thought so to cause he coughed 'show off''. Marcus glared at him, "Oh and you're any better?"

"Well I play football," Louis said.

"Want to have a game then?" Marcus asked.

"Don't worry Louis my friend Kaylla and I play football all the time, just Kaylla plays on an actual team, but whenever we had a friendly match Marcus could never get past her," I said.

"Yah well Kaylla is amazing at football (;P) and she's not afraid to tackle anyone," Marcus said.

"Either am I!" I said.

"Yah but you feel bad after, she could careless if she broke your leg," Marcus said.

"She does not! Whenever she tackles someone she waits till the end of the play to say sorry," Clare defended her friend.

"Okay! Okay! That's enough! When we get you back home I'd like to meet this Kaylla, if Mr. Show Off says she's good then she must be," Louis said.

"Can we please go you guys probably have a lot to do and I really don't have the patience for him," I said glaring at Marcus.

"Sure we were going to take you shopping," Niall said.

"But I have no money."

"But we do! Hellooo super hot millionaires right in front of you," Harry said sarcastically.

"I don't want your charity," I said. It's true I hate it when people try to buy things for me.

"Well you need clothes," Liam said pointing out, "Unless you want to walk around everywhere in that Black dress, and super high heels that can not be even close to comfortable." I thought for a second I do need clothes, "Fine! But don't spoil me!" I warned. The boys cheered and were more then happy to get me off the hospital bed and put me on my crutches. Jeez talk about impatience!

So when I said don't spoil me apparently in their books it means 'buy as much as you can for Clare and waist all your money spoiling her even though she asked you not to!'. I would say no to many things and yet I'd find it in the bag anyways. It was a Long day, so many fans got in our way of shopping asking for autographs and pictures. They even asked about me, (not surprising) but some came right up to me in front of the boys and call me a 'slut' 'whore' 'you don't deserve to be with them!' one even said 'go die!' Every time they said that to me I'd say back 'how do you know I'm a slut or whore? you don't even know my name oh and FYI the boys don't like jerks' then Niall would put a protective arm around me and I'd crutch away with the boys laughing behind me.

By the time we got back to the hotel I was super tired. Niall had to carry me out of the car because so many fans were surrounding the building so they had to make a run for it, but since I have crutches I could really run..... So that's how Niall and I ended up falling asleep on the same bed. I didn't even know we did but the next morning Niall was showing me his twitter and then he got a notification, and it turned out to be a picture of us sleeping together. But don't worry! we were on top of the blankets so it didn't look like anything!

"Louis!" Niall yelled, I could hear all the guys laughing form the other room. Niall walked while I hopped on one foot to the living room, "Not cool!" Niall said with his arms crossed.

"It wasn't suppose to be cool, it was suppose to show the world who Clare was dating in the band," Louis said.

"What!?" Niall and I yelled out in unison.

"People are already starting to give you guys a couple name," Zayn said.

"What is it?" I ask curious.

"Cliall," Liam said.

"That's actually not bad," Niall said, I looked at him in surprise, "What?" he asked raising his hands. I shook my head, "So what are you guys doing today?" I asked.

"We have another rehearsal till noon, and a concert at 7:00," Liam answered.

"Where would these boys be without you?" I asked.

"We all wonder that," Harry said laughing to himself.

"So that means we have about 6 hours to hang out after!" Louis shouted excitedly. He ran over to me and hugged me. I was taken by surprise so I fell back and he came with me, "Careful Louis I don't need to have two torn hamstrings, ones good enough," I said.

Louis chuckled, "Sorry."

Niall helped me up and we all walked, well they did I hopped on on foot, to the kitchen to eat something. I ate a bowl of cereal, it was so plain I was actually disgusted. I'm so used to having eggs, french toast, and bacon all served to me in bed! I guess if I'm going to play this right I need to act like cereal actually taste good. That reminds me why hasn't Marcus told anyone about who I really am? He's had so many chances and he seems so determined to make me feel bad. What's keeping him back?

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