Undercover (ON HOLD)

A Princess in the making is very stressful work. Listening to her brother Clairissa goes on a break night out with him. She then wakes up in a strange place. She ventres through the city when she is attacked by a gangster. She flees for her life. She runs into a crowd of people and cameras, not careing about who might see her she keeps running, even worse security guards are chasing her, she's still running until she crashes into the body of a handsom young blonde boy. She changes her name to Clare and tries to find a way back to her home, but has to stay Undercover.

Dedicated to my best friend forever&always AKA: Clare.


7. The Game

Louis ran into the room and started screaming my name. "Oh My God, Clare you're okay!" Louis screamed.

I held my hands to my ears "And now deaf to," I said. Louis ran over to me and hugged me, then glared at Harry. Harry threw his hands up in surrender, "Fine choose the pretty straight blonde hair with sparkling blue eyes, over the hot curly brown hair with crystal green eyes!" Harry said stomping away. 

"You're so full of yourself!" I yelled at him.

"Look who's talking, miss I live in the castel and grew up with Princess Clairissa, Prince William, and Prince Harry! Who by the ways I'm way better looking than!" Harry yelled back.

"You wouldn't want Prince Harry to hear that he'd go all queen of hearts on you!" I said "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" I said for exaggeration.

"Fine you win this one Clarey, but I'm onto you, and you will go down!" Harry yelled.

"It's on!" I yelled back.

"Like Donkey Kong!" Liam added waking into the room. I raised an eye brow at him, "Man it's good to have a fan that knows nothing about us!"

"I know quite a bit about you!" I said defensivly.

"Care to explain..." Louis said.

"Well I know all of you grew up in England except for Niall he's obviously irish. You all got kicked off the X Factor then got put into a group and came 3, then you became world famous, and Louis likes carrots, Harry is full of himself and Niall likes to eat," I said.

"Anything else?" Louis asked.

I opened my mouth, "Okay maybe I don't know a lot," I said.

"Do you know what spin the Harry is?" Louis asked.


Louis gasped, "You my dear have not lived, you know what guys we're going to have another Sping the Harry and Clare is going to be our guest star!"

"What is it?" I asked.

"You will see!" Louis said, "Liam get the camera!"

Liam set the camera and I sat down on the couch. Louis went into Niall's room and pulled him out, his hair was all messed up and is clothes were rinckled. "Good heavens mate, yo aren't going on Youtube like that!" Liam said. Louis puled him back into his room. When they came out again, Niall's hair was in a perfect fohock, and he was wearring new clothes. Luis pulled him infront of the camera and Zayn went into th kitchen. I followed and I saw they were, another camera was set up and Harry was circled with cards around him. I went back to were Louis, Niall and Liam were and again sat down on the couch.

"Welcome to spin the Harry!" Louis yelled, "I'm your host Louis Tomlinson, today is going to be a little diffrent!" He took the camera from Liam and showed Laim, he smiled, and Louis gave him back the camera, "As you can see Liam is holding the camera and we need 2 contestent!" Louis yelled, "So we have a surprise for you a special guest!" Louis said, and everyone started cheering. "Our first contestent is the one and only Niall Horan!" Niall walkd towards Louis and waved at the camera. "And our second contestent is, drumroll please!" Niall tapped the table. "A beauty with striaght blonde hair as the sun, sun kissed skin, and the prettiest shade of blue eyes ever! It's Clare!" Louis screamed. I sat there in shock. "I said, It's Clare!" Louis yelled again but I still didn't move, "You're suppose to come on set," Louis said. When I didn't move he sighed and walked over to the couch and pulled me over to where Niall was, "And there you go folks the beautiful Clare!" Louis yelled, I blushed and stared at the ground. "Now let's spin the Harry!" Louis yelled, he put his finger to his ear, "Zayn? Hello Zayn how's Harry doing?"

"He's doing graet Louis, he's been practicing every hour of the day for this!" Zayn answered.

"Great! Is he ready?" Louis asked.

"Yep!" Zayn said popping the p. "Then let's spin the harry!" Louis yelled. We sat in silence as Harry span.

"Harry are you okay?" Louis aksed.

"He's fine the card says, hopes!" Zayn said.

Louis looked at me and laughed, "Okay then what's the first question Harry?" Louis asked.

"If you could marry anyone who would it be?" Harry asked.

"Niall if you could marry anyon who would it be?" Louis asked.

"Uh, Demi Lavato!" Niall said quickly.

"Boring! Clare?"

"Someone rich," I said truthfully, I had to anyways.

"Nice answer, me too. Point Clare!" Louis said, "Harry next question!"

"Before I ask I'd like to say I'd marry Clare!" Harry yelled.

"Love you too Harry!" I yelled.

"What about us?" Louis and Niall asked.

"You got Demi and you dragged me into this game," I said.

"Whatever Harry!"

"If you could be anything what would you be and why?" Harry asked.


"Uh, I would be Clare," Niall said.

"Why would that be?" Louis asked.

"She's cool, and then I'd be married to someone rich!" Niall said.

"Niall you are rich," Louis said.

"So, I'll be even more richer!" Niall said.

"Ha, ha that's not even a word!" Harry said.

"Yes it is," I said.

"Okay back to the game! Clare what you be and why?"

"Justin Bieber!" I said.

"I gotta hear this, why?" Louis said.

"Cause everyone would like me becasue I'm hot!" I siad winking.

"A woman of knowledge! I like you even more!" Louis said. "Point Clare! Harry next question!"

"If you had a child what would you name them?" Harry asked.

"Niall! Child name choose," Louis said.

"Girl Kaitlynn, and Boy Mike!" Niall said.

Louis made a discutsed face "Clare?"

"Harry and William, and for a girl I agree with Niall, I like Kaitlynn!" I said.

"Well is those two have a child they'll agree on the girl's name!" Louis said. I punched his arm.

"Hey no punching the host!" Louis yelled. So I punched him again, "I'll take all your points away!"

"Go ahead!" I said.

"Nawh your too pretty!" Louis said patting my cheek, "Niall you don't win!" Louis yelled, he grabbed my hand and held it up "Clare you are the winner!" Louis screamed. "Niall you know what that means!" He took out a banana and shoved it into Niall's face, I started laughing and Niall glared at me.

"You think this is funny, how would you like a banana in your face?" Niall asked, I shrieked and ran away. "Oh no you don't!" Niall yelled and came running after me.

"And that's the end folks see you next time on..... SPIN THE HARRY!" Louis shouted.

"Niall don't!" I shrieked and knocked over Liam. The camera ended up facing me, "TADA!" I said extending my arms out. Louis grabed the camera and turned it off.

"That's going to be great on Youtube!" Louis said. 

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