Undercover (ON HOLD)

A Princess in the making is very stressful work. Listening to her brother Clairissa goes on a break night out with him. She then wakes up in a strange place. She ventres through the city when she is attacked by a gangster. She flees for her life. She runs into a crowd of people and cameras, not careing about who might see her she keeps running, even worse security guards are chasing her, she's still running until she crashes into the body of a handsom young blonde boy. She changes her name to Clare and tries to find a way back to her home, but has to stay Undercover.

Dedicated to my best friend forever&always AKA: Clare.


4. The Alley

How did I end up here? In an alley? It wasn't dark so that meant it was day.

"Hello is anyone there?" I called out. I was answered by silence. My heart starting beating really fast sending blood pounding to my head. I grabbed my head to try to sooth it from it's headache. "Anyone? Please!". Nothing again. Maybe I should get out of this alley so I can see where I am. I choose to go right and start walking that way. I start to notice that the farther I go the darker it seems to become. Something is telling me to trun around. I'm at the point now where I can just faintly see the outline of my hand. Okay I'm going back, I turn around to leave when a voice makes me stop.

"Where are you going pretty?" Someone asks.

"Hello is anyone there? I need help," I say.

"How can I be of service miss?" he asks.

"I don't know where I am?" I said.

He started laughing. I could see him, he was scary looking, I heard the sound of metal, I looked at him and saw an object in his hand. I started backing up and he walked towards me, it was light enough now that I could see the object in his hand, it was a... Knife!

"Somebody help!" I screamed. I started running. "Please Somebody Help Me! I screamed while I ran.

I ran and bumped into something and fell down, I guess this is it, this is the end. "Clarissa?" A fimiliar voice said. I looked up and saw Josah.

"Oh my God Josah! There's a man chasing me with knife!" I said.

"Are you ok? Are you hurt?" He asked helping me up.

"No I'm fine but he's coming," I said.

"Clarissa, I need you to run, and I want you to keep running don't stop," he said.

"What about you?" I asked.

"Where are you pretty?" A voice called out.

"I'll be fine, but you run," he said. I had no choice but to istn I started running. I finally made it out onto the street there where a crowd of people, I dicided to go there and try to blend in. I started running towards them, I noticed a red carpet, what's going on? I couldn't stop though I had to keep going.

"Hello pretty," A voice said.

I screamed and started running not careing wher I was going I just ran. A bunch of flashes blinded me, I couldn't see where I was going. I ran into something and fell down, I tried to get up as fast as I can. Someone grabbed onto my arms, I started thrashing my body around and I starting screaming. Whoever it was hugged me to their body, they started running their fingers through my hair and saying things into my ear.

"Shh... It's ok love, your ok, I'm not going to hurt you," an irish accent said. I looked up to see a boy with blone hair and blue eyes. I pulled away in surprise, I landed on my knees.

"Your, your. Your Niall Horan," I said. He knelt down beside me.

"Correct, and we're also in the middle of a red carpet," Niall said.

I looked around, "Oh." He grabbed onto my hand and helped me up.

"I'll help yu," he said and led me away from the red carpet and towards a van. It was a big white van and I started to freakout. "Hey don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you," he said. I let hi take me into the van. he sat down across from me and held my hands. "Well you ovbiously know who I am, may I know who you are?"

I couldn't tell him my really name, think Clarissa, think I said the first name that came to my mind "Clare, my name is Clare."  

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