Undercover (ON HOLD)

A Princess in the making is very stressful work. Listening to her brother Clairissa goes on a break night out with him. She then wakes up in a strange place. She ventres through the city when she is attacked by a gangster. She flees for her life. She runs into a crowd of people and cameras, not careing about who might see her she keeps running, even worse security guards are chasing her, she's still running until she crashes into the body of a handsom young blonde boy. She changes her name to Clare and tries to find a way back to her home, but has to stay Undercover.

Dedicated to my best friend forever&always AKA: Clare.


1. Prologue

Hi my name is Clairissa, I am 18 years old and am the princess of England. I need a day of escape from the palace, from my duties, and most of all from my having to choose a husband. My brother, Prince Harry, has decided to help me find my escape. He takes me to a club, first thing I know is I'm dancing my life away, next I'm in a starnge ally. To make matters worse I'm attacked by a gangster!

This is my story of how Clare Horan came to be.................

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