Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


12. Truth are Dare?!

Allison's pov:

      I'm so glad I get to go to the red carpet for the boy's album! I am so excited! But one this is what am I going to wear!? my friends and I are all going to be One Directions new girlfriends. That can be good and bad, I really don't want to get hate like others can. Now that the boys have to go back to work makes me sad. They said they can only be at the collage till the end of the semester.

       "Lets play a game!" Louis exclaimed

      "What game?" claire asked

    "Truth or Dare?" he said

     "I should have known" she said. We all got in a circle I sat next to Zayn and Allison.

    "Okay love, your first truth or dare?" Louis asked

   "Turth" she repiled

    "You're no fun! But anyway okay, Clare, you have to tell the truth. Soo How many guy have you kissed? he asked

   "I don't know, I think maybe about 5? Maybe 7? I don't remeber" she answered

   "aahhh" he said

   "Okay, Sam your turn truth or dare?" Claire asked


   " I dare you to go into a closet with Niall for 7 minutes!" Claire said.

  "Awesome!" Sam said. She dragged Niall in the closet.

    "Use protection!" Louis yelled

    "Don't worry" she said she smiled.


Samantha's Pov:

       Hell yeah I'm going into a closet with Niall!! As soon as we got into the closet my lips crashed on to his. His soft moan made me shiver. His hands on my waist slowly went higher and higher. He unclasped my bra and I took of my shirt. I didnt want to really go any farther.

   "Niall" I whispered in his ear

   "Yeah love" he whispered in my ear

   "Can we stop I don't want to go any farther" I said

   "Of course love, anything you want. I love you no matter what." he said. I put my shirt back on, and kissed him.

  "I love you too" I said

  " Do you want to scare them?" he asked

  "Love too!' I said.

  "Okay, this is a 2 door closet, the other side goes to the dinning room we can sneak out of here and go up stairs and see what they do!" he said

  "Lets do it" I said. So we got out of the closet and quietly go up stairs. I can see Louis was looking at his watch.

  " Okay!! Sam and Niall, its been 7 minutes" he yelled he opened the closet

  "O. M. G. they're gone!!!!" he screamed. I cracked up laughing. Niall put his hand over his mouth to shut me up.

  "They are up there! Louis!" Liam said. We came down laughing


Claire's pov: Okay, this game is getting old! "Can we play something different?" I said "Like what?!" Harry asked "I don't know we can watch a movie?" I suggested "Sounds good, which one?" Niall asked "A romantic one!" Allison said. "Twilight! Sam said "No" zayn answered "Uuummm how about hunger games?" I said "Yes!!" Taylor answered. Niall and Sam got te movie and of course made popcorn. We all sat in couples of course and watched the movie. About half way though the movie I fell alseep on Louis lap. He was so warm and smelled so good. When I woke up they were all alseep I checked he clock it was about 11:00 and there was a different movie on. I guess we were just stayin here? "Louis?" I whispered and shook him a little. "Are we staying here?" I said "I don't know? Love." I guess. We can go back home? In you want?" He said "I guess we should wake the others" I suggested "Okay, love. " he kissed me forhead and jumped on the couch and yelled " wake up its 11:00!!! Lets go home!!" The guys woke up. I saw zayn wake up and kiss grace really fast and whispered something in her ear, she just smiled and kissed him back. Allison and Liam just got up and said there good byes and shuffled out the door. Harry and taylors is the same. I dragged Louis out and we drove home in silence. I was so tireed. Louis turned at the lift and utter darkness slammed into us. Taylor's pov: After we resolved the fight I was a little sad. I can believe Harry didn't trust me ! That hurt a little. But I go over it and after the movie we went home and sunggled into bed. At 1:00 in the morning my phone started to buzz. I woke up and turned the light on. It was some caller I had no idea who it was. "Hello?" I said tiredly "Are you anfirend of Claire Sullivan?" The guy asked "Yeah and is she okay?" I say fully awake now " I'm afraid not, she was in a car crash and she is hurt badly" he man said "Wear is she?" I ask "At the hospital we need some paper work and we need you to fill it out" "Be there in 30 minutes" I say and hang up. " Harry!" I say and nudge him "What honey" he answered "Claire and Louis were in a car crash and they need information on them so let's to to the hospital" I explain "Now?" "Yes they are saying they aren't in good condition lets go!!" I say "Okayets go" Grace's pov: "I love you," zayn whispered in my ear. I kiss him back to tell him my answer. We got in the car nd drove to the flat. I went to bed as soon as I walked into my room. Then about at 12:00 I had a mother night made and walked up and slipped into Zayns bed and slept the night away. When I got up I checked my pone and there was a call from Taylor. I heard the voice mail and woke up Zayn .. "Zayn wake up we are going to the hospital!!" I tell " why now?" "Claire and Louis go into an accident and they aren't Doing good!!" " okay let me grab the keys!" He said. I drove us to the hospital and Sam, Allison, Taylor, Liam, and Harry and Niall were all there. "Are you here for Claire and Louis?" A nurse asked "Yes, Liam said
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