Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


27. Paul??!!!

Graces pov:
After all of my friends getting engaged I was the last one. Oh well, all that really matters is being with Zayn.
"So what's the plan for today?" I ask him rolling out of bed. Today's Saturday and zayn had the day off. I have a tryout on Monday for a modeling company.
"Nothing" he answers
"Let's go, somewhere lets go to the park" I suggest. Today was a beautiful day, it was sunny and some snow was on the ground.
"Okay, let me take a shower"
"Okay, I want some hot chocolate" I tell zayn
"Tea, doesn't sound to bad, "
"Then we can walk down the the cafe" I tell him
"Okay, " zayn says.
After zayn takes the longest shower in history, we were finally ready to go. Walking out the front door and smelling the fresh air always felt good. We don't get out a lot because then the pop would get all excited and crap.
"You take a year in the shower" I bug Zayn.
"Why you want me to smell?" He says
"No, it's just I'm a girl and I take less to get ready then you!!" I argue
"You don't have random people take your picture 24-7"
"Your right" I says backing down
"Hahaha, I'm always right" zayn says moking me!
"No you don't!" I say like a little kid.
"Whatever" zayn breaths smiling. We reach the coffee house, zayn opens the door for me like always and I step into the line. The guy in front of us looks very very familar! Like I know him. He turns around and looks at me and turns back around. I think it's Paul. The guy Whois think is Paul turns back around and smiles.
"Grace?" The mysterious guy says
"Yeah, Paul" I say
"It's me!"
"No way!!" It was Paul!! He was my first boy friend friend!! We hung ou all through school!! After high school we lost touch.
"What a small world" he says
"What are you doing here!!" I ask
" I'm working with some airplane, I have an internship, here working with airplane."
"That's so cool!!"
"What are you doing?"
"I go to collage here, modeling. You should come and sit with us" I suggest smiling.
"Love too" Paul says. He orders and picks out a table. I am so happy! I thought I'd never see my scho buddies again!! I order and I pay for Zayns tea and my hot chocolate, it was my turn to pay. Zayn payed last time. I sat down between Zayn and Paul.
"Zayn this is Paul, Paul this is Zayn." They shook hands and Zayn held me close. He can be so annoying like that. Whenever a male is two feet away he feels the need to show I'm his. We talk and memories come flooding back. I needed to us the bathroom so I went. Leaving Zayn and Paul by themselves.

Zayns pov:
Great. A school buddy. A good looking one. And he's male. I mean Paul's a great guy!
He's smart and nice and he doesn't look too bad. But Grace is mine. Once Grace leaves to go to the bathroom it just gets akward.
"Aren't you in one direction?" Paul asks
"Yeah. "
"Grace is a great girl"
"She's amazing" I say
"Yep".Paul said. Popping his ps
"Did you like like like her?" I ask out of curiousity.
"In middle school. I'm over it, I was an ugly, chubby nerdy kid and she was the locker next to me and we were friends then" he says
"Oh, I meet her in collage" I say. Then Grace comes back smiling. Our little break with Paul ended and Grace got his number and we left. I kissed Grace right in from of Paul and she shot daggers at me through her eyes. Once we were out of the cafe and out in the park she said.
"What was that!!!!!!!" She yelled
"You don't like being kissed?"
"I do I don't like it when my jealous boyfriend feels the need to make his territory!! Like I'm a tree or something!!"
"He was good looking, and he liked you!!" I yelled
"I liked him in middle school!! That's it I love you know!!" She yelled
"Well I love yu to and I thought he should know that!!"
"I only love you and could only love you, why are you so insecure!!" She yells and stomps off. She was right, why was I so insecure? I guess I just don't want another heart break.
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