Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


7. Party!!

Claire's pov:
I was really disappointed in Louis. He didn't tell me at all. I thought we had more then that. I can't have someone that lies to me! Expectially that big of a secret. That's not fair to me! What else has he been keeping?!
"Louis can I speak to you out side?" I say
"Sure love" he said. He grabbed my hand and we went outside.
"Tommy or should I say Louis. I can't do this!" I say I start to cry.
"Who ever you are I really love you but I can't love a liar!" I say
"Claire please.." Louis said.louis said he started to cry
"I'm sorry but I can't go on anymore I love you but good bye." I kissed him and left. Then he went inside and left. I broke his heart. I cried all the way home.

Grace's pov:
Oh my gosh Louis just came in crying! Claire?!
"Louis what happened?" Harry asked.
"Claire broke up with me! God damn it! I f***king loved her!" He stormed out.
" he's going to drink I'll go with him, is that okay love?" He asked Taylor.
"Of course he need you now and I need to talk to Claire." She said. She got up and kissed him and got her coat to go.
"This party ain't goin no where." I say in y southern acsent.
"Duh, Grace I mean we need a group meeting lets go." Allison said.
"We need to meet too" Liam announced. I got up and so did zayn. I went to get my coat and zayn whispered in my ear.
"Tomarrow I'll take you on our first real date" he winked
"Okay ill see yu tomarrow" I said. He bent down and kissed me . I was just a fast one but I loved his kisses. I saw Allison kiss Liam and Sam do the same.

Allison's pov:
Taylor's out ready and we really need time to talk. Just all the girls. Claire really loves Louis and Louis really loves Claire so it's bullshit that they would break up! I told Liam I needed to go. He said it okay!
"Love you"he wishpered
"Love you too" I said and I really do love him. I kissed him and left. Tonight was just going to be a girls night were we get to reconnect we really needed that. We fought up to Taylor she was outside texting Harry. We made it to Claire's apartment.
"Claire it's us it's Ike for a girls night out!" I said
"So if you don't let us in we are going to break the door and kill you!" Samantha yelled
"I'm frezzing my ass of!" Taylor yelled
"Anyone got a bobby pin?" Grace said.
"I have one why?" I asked
"Because I'm breaking in!" She said
"That's not right"I said
"Like I give a crap!" Grace grabes the pin and picks the lock and gets us in.
"I'm scared you know how to do that?!" Taylor yells.
"I forget my combo at scho and sometimes y house key soo I shouldn't be proud but I kinda am." Grace says
"Hey Claire we know your here!" Sam yells. "Also we broke in by the way"
"I'm here stop yelling god and I'm here for girls night out!" Claire came out of her room.

Samantha's pov:
Claire finally came out!
"Let's stay here, I've got popcorn!" Taylor says
"Wait you live here?! That's right you guys are sharing! That not fair why did you let me pick you lock?" Grace asked. I was wondering the same thing
"I wanted to see you do it" Taylor said we all laughed.
"We should watch a movie!" Allison said
"Which one?" I asked. Claire was quiet. She started to cry. Allison wked over ton slide and hugged her. Taylor started to cry and hugged Claire. Grace hugged her to. We were in a huged group hug.
"Let's talk, Claire can yu tell us what happened?" Allison said. This is why I love Allison she is there for you and does not rush you and makes u feel better.
"Okay I guess, but I don't what to get in to details." Claire siad we all got wurst and listens to Claire.
"I broke up with Louis. Because I can't be in a realshionship with a liar hats not supposed to happen! What else did he lie? Did he lie about love in me?" She started to cry.
"Claire I have something you want to here. It's Louis, Gary recorded him going to the bar after you broke up with him. Harry sent it to me and wanted you to hear" Taylor said. She dug it her iPhone.
' God I loved her! Damn it she was perfect! Harry why me! I didn't t want to tell her because I had to break up with Eleanor because of the hate! She was beautiful Claire was perfect, flakes! I don't understand what did I do wrong?! If she got hurt I would kill myself ! This is shit! I can't do this ! I hate my life right now! Why didn't I tell her this afternoon! Now the girl I loved it gone and I'm in f**king one direction and I have to look happy! At least no one will hurt her. And if they do I kiss ther ass! This is shit and I feel like hell it's self Harry!' You could hear him crying in he bakcground. This made Claire cry.
"God I'm a bitch!" She yelled "I broke up with the greatest guy in history!"
"You didn't because Zayns the best!" Grace said we all laughed and we all talked about our guys. Allison got a ring from Liam. I got a ham sandwich from Naill! Oh well they have there own ways of lovei g us. Claire was still quiet but we expect this.

Taylor's pov:
"Hey guys I'm going to call Louis" Claire annouced.
"That sounds great girly!" I say. We start the movie and she's still on the phone with Louis.
"I had to leave a message." She said
"Don't worry it's okay just talk tomarrow." Sam said
"I guess. Thanks for coming. I feel a little better." She said
"That was the plan!" Grace said
"I have an idea!" Grace said
"We need to make sure that we see each other every day!" Allison said
"So we can meet each other every day after dinner at one of our houses!" Allison said.
"That sounds awesome!" We all said.
"Okay so yu guys come over to our flat and we will meet each other for at least and hour to keep close in the big world!" Allison said. "Okay grace what was your idea?"
"Well I just wanted to say my idea was we should video chat our moms and Allison! Your tuning British you just said flat!" She said
"I did didn't I?" Allison said
"I love my American redneck acsent!" Grace said.
"Shut up I'm watch the movie!" Samantha yelled.

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