Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


11. Party time!

Nialls pov:
"Sam! "I yelled
"Yeah what's up?!" She repiles
" the group is coming over tonight!"
"Great! Crap! Look at our apartment! It's a mess!"
"Don't worry we can clean it up!" I say
"You have to help!" She yelled
"Fine!" I kissed her and started to clean some. We picked up and house and cleaned up. I took half of the day but I'm glad because it looks better.
"All done! And we have 2 hours till they come " I say
"Great because I'm taking a shower! "She exclaimed.
"Can I come?" I say
"Sure!" She says
"Really?!" I ask
"No it was sarcasm! Naill! You can't come in!" She yells she throws the nearest thing at me. That god it was a pillow!
"Ouch!" I yelled.
"Come here Samantha!" I yelled. I ran and grabes her by the waist and spun her around. Our noses touched. Then slowly our lips. We kissed each other.
"I love you so much samantha roca and i would do anything to be with you for forever" i say
"I love you too naill to the sun and moon and back" she answeres
I kissed her again.I wanted to feel this way for forever. To me where ever she was I wanted her with me. I knew our love would never be broken. This was for forever.
Harry's pov:
"Harry can you get me some salt?" Taylor asked. We were makeing snacks for tonight.
"Of course lovely" I say
"Thank you okay, I'm done now its your turn to make a snack" she says. We were seein which snack was more popular by which was eaten more.
"Can I try?" I asked
"Fine!" I tried the snack. I was really good it had some bread at the bottom and tomatoes at the top and some vinager and cheese. It was tiny so you could eat it with your hands. She also made a fabulous dip with chips.
"That is awesome!" I said after tasting it.
"Really?!" She said excitedly.
"It's perfect just like you!" I say
"You are such a flirt Mr. Styles!" She answers
"Your right! I am Ms. Taylor!" I answer. We all know how this ended. In amazing kisses! This girl can kiss!
"I love you"I said and pulled away
"I love you too!" She said. She left and went to the bathroom. Her phone buzzed. She was getting a call from this guy named Austin? Who the hell was he? I've never been so mad in my life and confused? Was she just leading me on? Is she cheating on me? Should I be worried is he hurting her? She came out of the bathroom.
"Let's go to the party"I say
"But is 45 mins early! And yu haven't made your snack!"
"Oh well lets go"
"Okay?!" We drove in complete silcence. I relized the girl I loved could not be he girl I loved.

Louis's pov:
"Lets go babe!"
"Coming! Let me get my phone!"
"I'll be by the door!"
"I'm coming!" She yelled.
" how do I look?" She asked
"Beautiful as usual!" I answer. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.
"I hope so!" She says. She got in the car. Weturned the radio on the live while we're young was on.
"Ooh, I love this song!" She exclaims. I chuckle quietly.
"You do?" I ask
"Yeah, let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun I know we only meet but let's pretend its love!" She sings.
"Crap! I forgot your Louis from one d! Sorry my fan girl moment is over! "She says
"No it's fine. At least yur not screaming!"I say
"Aaaahhhbb oh my god it's Louis!!!! I. Love you soo much will you marry meeees!!!!" She screamed.she scared me when she did t because it came out of nowhere. I was driving and I went right on the crub!
"Shit! Claire don't do that again!" I yelled
"Sorry but I had to get it out!" She said. I laughed.
"By the way I will marry you!"
"Great?! Jus let me turn 20!" She said sarcastically. We turned in to the parking lot and went up to Nialls flat. Harry and Taylor were already there. Harry was talking to Naill and he looked really upset. I sat down at the seat next to Harry.
"What's up mate you look sad?" I asked
"I think Taylor's cheating on me" he said
"What?! I don't think see that kind. How do you know?"
"Well when she went to the bathroom this guy named Austin called her."he explained
"That doesn't mean they're dating! I bet he's friends with her back in America!" Niall said
"Just ask her!" I said.
"Hey what's up?" Liam's said as he walked in with Allison. He and Allison were exatally a like.
"Harry thinks Taylor's cheating on him!" I say a little too loud
"Harry thinks what?!" Taylor exclaimed
"Can I talk to you outside!" She says to calmly
"Sure." He replies. They walk outside and we can't hear any yelling but just plain old talking.

Liam's pov:
Taylor just asked to talk to Harry outside! That's never good! Poor Harry! After they're done talking they come back inside. It looks like Taylor's been crying. But Harry kisses her on the cheek and wishpers something in her ear. She smiled and went to the bathroom.
"Vas happening!" Zayn said as he enters the room.
"What did I miss?!" Grace said
" a lot!" Sam answered
" crap! Okay. Spill the beans what happened?" She said as she sat down. The girls told her what had happened.
" really?! Why is Austin still calling her he's a bastard!" I heard her say
" duh!! " Allison said. I loved how she loves life and can let go. Allison is the nicest girl i ever meet. She never says anything bad and if she does she always says that's my opinion I'm sure it's better though. I just love every thing about her.

Zayn's pov:
As Grace sat down to talk with her friends I sat down with the boys. They filled me in on what had happened. The girls must have done the same.
"Really?! Why was Austin calling her he's a bastard!" I heard her say. I kinda giggled that was really funny how loud she said it. Taylor came out of the bathroom and sat next to Grace.
"Zayn? Don't take this offensive but why did you pick Grace?" Niall asked
"Because she's really funny and she pretty and she's really soft in the inside but hard to crack. She just perfect to me. She lets me love her but she's not helpless she is a really independent girl and love that!" I say
"Okay all I needed was a she was pretty!" He said. I got up and got something to eat.
"Hey girls!" Louis screamed
"Yeah "they yelled.
"Okay get in your pairs loveboats!" He said. He ran to Claire and picked her up and ran to the couch. I grabbed Graces had and I sat her on the fire place. I grabbed her hand and said
"Grace I would love it if you came to the red carpet for our new album 'Take Me Home' " I say
"Zayn I would be honored to go! Just I need something to wear!" I said. I saw Louis and Claire kissing and Liam and Allison hugging, Harry was still asking. Naill was eating with Sam and she had flowers with her. I kissed Grace. Her lips were perfect. I wish I could kiss her every day. My hand rapped around her waist. She stood one her tiptoes to kisse me. I thought it was so cute how small she was.
"Wait as your girlfriend?" She asked
"What else would you be?"
"I don't want any of yu guys to get hurt like I did?" She said
"No ones getting hurt! I promise you! You will be safe with me! I promise." I say. She kissed me again.
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