Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


8. Nooooooooo!

Zayn's pov:
"Hey grace?" I said
"Hey do you want to meet me at the coffee house down the street?" I asked.
"That sounds good see you in an hour!" She said. She hung up. I was excited. I decided that I should get ready. I put on some new shoes and put on a new shirt. I tweeted and said
' going to a coffee shop!' Grace was on line.
'Mee tooooo it's going to beeeee fun! ;)' she tweeted back.
'See ya there ;)' I tweeted
'xoxo' I got off of twitter and I went out the door to the coffees shop. I must have waited an hour! She wasn't coming! I called her 12 times and texted her 45 times.
"Zayn?" I was Naill
"Grace is in the hospital"
"What!!! How?! When?! Where?!" I yelled I got up and went out the door.
"From what Sam said she was walking to meet you at the coffees shop and a mob beat her up she's in critical condition!" Niall said
"What hospital!"
"North valley!"
"I'm on the way!" I hung up and clutched the wheel. I couldn't help think of twitter. I couldn't help feel I did this to her.

Nialls pov:
"What?!" I hear Sam say.
" o.m.g. Ok I'll be there in a minute!" She said
"What's up" I say
"Graces in the hospital!! "
"Yeah it was the doctor she's in bad condition! I'm going to go to North Vally hospital. Can you call zayn, she was mobbed by your fans!" She kissed me and gave me more details.
"Definitely!" I say
"Thanks!" She left. As soon as the door closes I called zayn. Our fans were brutal but this is bad! I'm quitting twitter and Louis did I'm sure Harry and zayn and Liam will with that kind of action. They didn't deserve to know what we are doing and to be in touh if they are going to beat our girlfriends up!

Harry's pov:
Taylor was crying on my shoulder. I hated when she was in pain it was sufficating for me! Grace was in surgery. The fans hurt her arm so bad that they have to put a rod in becasue her bones so crushed. She was hit so hard that she might have some memory problems. And she was hit hard really hard.
Zayn was such a mess. He didn't act like this when he and perrie broke up. He sat there even she broke up with him. Now he was crying and was cussing.
"Are you people here for Grace?" A nurse asked
"Yeah how is she?" Zayn asked. He got up and walked to the nurse.
"She's fine she's sleeping the surgery went fine she won't have any trouble but she is sleeping so you can go one at a time."she said and walked away.
"I'm going"zayn said. He walked to her room and was in here for an hour. The girls all went in for a while. Then we all went in, she started to wake then.

Liam's pov:
Allison was so scared. She just sat there pale and didn't speak. Grace was really important to her.
"Liam?" She said softly. She finally spoke.
"Yes love?" I was happy she finally spoke after an hour.
"Do you know how I meet Grace?"
"No can you tell me?" I ask I hugged her and kissed her on the forhead.
"Well we were wearing the same shoes in 1st grade. She came up and said you have the same shoes! But I were them better! Do you want to play with me?! That's how our friendship started in first grade now were are in collage and she's in the hospital in bad shape." She said
"How lovely. How long have you known Sam and Claire?" I asked
"Well with Sam I've known her since well forever. Your moms are friends soo they had us close together so we'd be friends. And with Clare I wasn't really good friends with her till 6 th grade and with taylor 8 grade."she answered.
"That's so cool!" Just then he nurse said we could go see Grace. We went into the room. After a while her eyes started to open. The doctor told us we needed to go and they need to check to see if any damages were done with her memory and other things. He also said it would take about 10 to 20 minutes. After they were done the doctor said.
"She has no memory loss, and she can go in a week we want to make sure that nothing pops up and that her bruses heal good"
"Can we see her?" Sam asked
"Of course!"
"She's okay! Liam this is great!" Allison said she was super excited.

Nialls pov:
After the doctor told us about Grace being okay, Samantha hugged me and kissed me. She ran to the room and yelled,
"What up bestie!"
"Well lets see, I'm hungry and my head hurts and by arm does to and I think my stomach was punched so great what about you?!" We all laughed
"Grace I feel so bad.." Zayn said his eyes her all red.
"Zayn come here," she said. She kissed him and wishpered something.
"Okay see me! I'm okay, I don't hate anyone I'm not mad or angry or sad for my self I just wish I didn't get beat up that's it so I don't want to hear how sorry you are!" She said. I had to give her props she was a tuffy.
"But..." Zayn said
"Shut up Zayn or else I will shut you up!" She smiled and kissed him.
"But your so small what would you do?" He asked
"Yeah I wouldn't go that far, "Taylor said. We laughed at that for a while.
"Why?" Liam asked. I was wondering the same thing.
"I bet she could drag you across the room right now!" Claire said.
" oh yeah baby! I got suspended for hurting a football player last year." Grace said
"What the hell did you do?" Louis asked
"He was being mean to Allison so I just pantsed him and pushed him up against the locker and told him if he did it again I would shoot him and I kneed him in the balls" she explained. I just about burst into laughing!
"What the hell? Did you really do that?" Louis said laughing
"I have it on tape "Allison said.
" I've got to see that!" Liam added. Zayn was holding graces hand. Grace fell asleep while we were talking so we left. I guess zayn stayed with her.

Louis's pov:
Me and Claire are back together. We talked while grace was in the hospital. I explained everything. I'm glad we are back together. Zayn stayed with Grace all night. He asked me if I could get him and Grace some cloths. So I had Claire get some of graces and I got some of Zayns. Grace should be getting out pretty soon. We all quit twitter because of grace.
"Yeah babe?"
"Can we go swimming?" Claire asked. Where did she get that idea, it's November!
"It's November?" I say
"I know I just know this really cool water park and I thought it would be fun if we all went? You know after Grace is done in the hospital? During winter break?" She said. Really that's not a bad idea.
"That sounds lovely wear?"
"I found it on some website?"she answers
"Can you show me tonight?"
"Yeah, what are we doing tonight?" She asked
"I'm going to make us a meal!"
"Oh, can you cook?"
"I think so,"she laughs and kisses me and goes home. She should move in with me! I'll asked her tonight.
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