Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


6. I can't believe it part 2

Zayn's pov:
I was picking Grace up. We were going to Nialls house. I really like Grace but I don't think I could love anyone again. After P.. I don't want to even think about it. Anyway she came hobbling into the car.
"Hey what's up?" She said. She had a cute American acsent. She had long black hairs and eyes that lit up the world.
"Nothing I thought we could go to a friends house. I want you to meet my friends" she smiled and said
"That sounds awesome!" "Brad are we.. Ummm tell me every thing about yourself?" She asks. Shoot.
"Well I like to sing, I like to draw, I love the books Harry potter. And I have 4 best friends that your going to meet. Tell me everything about you?" I ask
"Let's see, I'm single, I love to model obviously. I love to write and I'm Chinese."
"Your single?" I ask. How could she be she was so pretty?
"Well I've been In love and he broke my heart, and this guys kissed me and all he wanted is sex, so.. Yep in single and ready to mingle!" She said she laughed the akwards silence away.
"Are you single?" She asked
"Yep, I loved this girl and she didn't love me back." I said and my hands griped the wheel the car.
"I'm guessing this is resent, because you look like you are going to kill he car." She adds . I blush a little bit and park the car. I decided to move on then. I rely like Grace. I think I could love her and give every thing she deserves. So i make my move.
"There's this one girl I do really like," I say and wink.
"Okay Brad who is this girl may I ask." I say
" Well she's rely pretty and she's really close she's Chinese and she's beautiful and deserves the world."I say and I really mean it. I push her hair out of her face and place my hand on her face. I slowly kiss her and she kisses me back. This is the best moment ever.
"Let's see I think I know this girl. And she happens to really like you too." She says we laugh and I kissed her again.
"Come on let's go"

Liam's pov:
Allison's hair is so pretty! It's blond and its wavy. She's wearing he run a gave her. It says forever. I really like her a lot. She cofindent and she's funny pretty and happy. We walked to Nialls apartment and say Louis and his girlfriend. Allison ran up to his girlfriend and hugged. Louis and I looked surprised they must know each other. We hugged and said hey.
"Do you know her?" I asked
"Yeah! She's my best friend she cameras here with me for. America were even when to all the same schools from elementary to now!" She says
"Wow what's the chances." We walked To Nialls aperment and she. We got there Harry and Niall I'd course were already there. All the girls new each other! They wet to the same school like Allison said! Wow! Small world! Zayn and his friend came last. When they came in he was carrying her and she had a sprain ankle.
We all went off into our own worlds just the guys and jus the girls.
"Guys Taylor my girlfriend knows who ideally am soo yeah our covers blown"
"Same here but Claire still loves me!" Louis said.
"Guys?" We her the girls say
"Yeah" I say for all of us
"We know you guys are one direction" they say. I've got to give them credit we've known each other for about a week and a half.
"How?" Harry asked
"We'll five of us got together and talked we all said you guys look familar and talks so we did the puzzle and here we are." Taylor said
"Don't worry we all still like ou for who you are". "So don't worry" Allison added she looked a me and said
"But we are fans but not scream your heads off die can't kind of fans, more like oh your one direction that's so cool! The end"Clair said
"We are a little sad you didn't tell us, but we understand how hard it is to be in your shoes and how muh you want your pravicy" Nialls girlfriend said Samantha said.
"Oh and don't worry your secrets are safe with us!" Grace yelled. She smiled and I looked at zayn I did t know he would go for her! She's the complete opposite! She's loud and confident and Zayns well not loud and not as confident. Samantha is just like Naill she can eat like no ones busnuiess. Claire was funny and happy like Louis but A LOT quieter. Taylor and Harry were perfect both confident, loud, funny, outgoing. Me and Allison were perfect. We are each a little quiet and I'm he brain of one direction and she's the brain for her group of friends.nuis was amazing that all of us found such great girls!
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