Another World

5 best friends, 5 amazing guys under cover, and London. Taylor meet Harry. Harry meet Scarlet. Zayn meet Grace, and Claire meet Louis. Liam meet Allison, Naill meet Samantha. When the couples go to the red carpet for 'Take Me Home' what happens to the couple once they are public? Lets just say its not good. Can Louis save Claire? Will Zayn help Grace? Liam needs to help Allison when the worst happens, will Niall ever get over Sam? And what will happen with Harry,Taylor AND Scarlet? This story is for older and have some PG-13 stuff. I hope you like my story! ;)


22. Hungover

Harrys pov:
Shit!! I woke up in Louis' couch! Shoot!! Taylor!! Memories start to flood back into my head. I sit down at the table and Claire gives me some coffee.
"It will help with the headache." She says. I grab the cup and start to drink it. I notice a ring on her finger. I knew Louis would porpose soon! Louis comes down and kisses Claire.
"What's up hazz" he says
" what happened last night?" I ask
"We'll to start out scarlet ruined everything. Taylor is okay she was almost rapped but a police officer saved her and she's going to kill you" Louis explains. Louis grabs a cup of tea and sits down. Great! I grab my phone and call Taylor. Voice mail! Shoot!
After the tenth time Taylor finally picks up!
"What!" She yells
"Are you okay?"I start out asking
"I'm fine"she says softly
"What Scarlet said was fake I would never cheat" I say
"I know," she says. I wonder if she's faking, butTaylor wouldn't joke like that.
"I was mad and embarassed, and I thought it was true but I understand she was just lieing. I'm sorry Harry, I was just pressured. " she says
"It's okay, if I wasn't so scared I got us in this mess, I love you so much" I say
"I love you too," she said. That's the first time I heard her say that after I got back with her after I dated scarlet. It sounded so good to here her say that.
"I'm coming home" I say. I get in the car grinning. I'm going to see Taylor and she said she loved me! But before I'm going home I need to make a purchase, its a big one too.
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