When I Met You

It's when Liz and Melanie plan to go to the One Direction concert.Liz and Melanie went to the concert to get One Direction's pictures.But Melanie hates 1D,but when Melanie bumped into Harry and went to their signing the next day. Melanie realized she maybe into One Direction once again and stopped hating them. But one of her friends, like Liz, might not be BFFs for a long time. Read to find out!


2. The Signing

          Melanie's POV   

          I wish I never had bumped into that guy! Augh. Ding-dong! I stood up from my bed and opened the door."Why so early?? Can't you just get my phone yourself?!" I said wearily. But I think I was a little too harsh to my BFF, so I just said sorry."Sorry, I just don't want to see that guy's face again" I apologized.

        "It's alright, Melanie. I understand. But don't worry, we won't be there too long!' Liz said jumping around excitedly. So I drove to wherever Liz told me to go to.


        We arrived at the mall where One Direction was signing. Harry Styles noticed me right away and said, "Umm... hey are you the girl who I bumped into yesterday?" he asked shyly. I didn't say a word, as I thought Liz was gonna do all the talking. So LIz excused herself to talk to me privately.

        "Melanie! Harry Styles is talking to you and you need to answer! You two look so perfect and cute together!!!" Liz said. I don't know how many times I have to tell Liz, that I HATE One Direction! So I just walked toward him.

         "Umm... Harry Styles?" I asked shyly."Yes I'm the one who you bumped into yesterday, and I expect that you have my phone, right?" I ask as Liz gave me the thumbs up.

          "Ohh,right I'm sorry. I had mistaken your phone as my phone. Sorry?" Harry said as he puts his hand out. I think he wants me to shake hands, aughh! I shook his hand and walked away. I looked if Liz was still around, hmm. I finally spotted her talking to Zayn. Yes I learned his name.

          "Liz! C'mon, we have to go!" I shout to Liz. Liz had to give me the wait sign. Since she just kept on talking to Zayn, I just took my car and went home. Liz can handle herself, and take the bus, and return it. See aren't I a good friend?

 Liz's POV

        Omg!!! I can't believe I just talked to Zayn for the longest time and he invited me and Melanie to have dinner with him and the boys. I wonder how Harry and Melanie are doing. I check the whole place if she was still here. Uh-oh, I hope she's not mad at me for ignoring her! So I texted her

To: Mel

hey where are you?!?!?!

         She texted me back almost immediately and said


Hey, you said you weren't gonna take long so I thought you could handle yourself.


                 I knocked at Melanie's door. At least she opens it."Umm.... hey I'm sorry I didn't mean to ignore you, I just loved taking to Zayn" I said as I hugged her.

                "It's ok, I understand," she told me and giggled a little. She was just SO perfect and cute with Harry. I can tell, she feels so nervous talking to him sometimes. The thing is Melanie dated some celebrity before and they were all assholes. She used to be a bigger directioner than I was but it died down. She stopped liking them due to some fanfictions she read online and now she thinks all male celebrities are cocky and stuff.

Melanie's POV

                I have to admit Harry is kinda cute. Oh, wait! I'm not making myself fall in love with that guy again. I don't know what has gotten into me. A minute later, Liz told me she had to go since she has to go meet up with Zayn again and I had to go too. Augh. I can't believe they became good friends that quick. Hmm... I wonder really if I'm starting to like One Direction again. I don't know. I don't know. Suddenly I heard a notification whenever someone tweets me. I wonder who.

@Harry_Styles: @1D4life716 Hey Text me? I had put my # in your contacts list last night after I found out it was yours.  :) xx

               OMG!!! I cannot believe Harry wanted to talk to me! I don't wanna talk to that guy. But he really is cute! I can't like One Direction again. No. No. I can't.

Written by 1Drockz



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