When I Met You

It's when Liz and Melanie plan to go to the One Direction concert.Liz and Melanie went to the concert to get One Direction's pictures.But Melanie hates 1D,but when Melanie bumped into Harry and went to their signing the next day. Melanie realized she maybe into One Direction once again and stopped hating them. But one of her friends, like Liz, might not be BFFs for a long time. Read to find out!


6. The Little Accident

OMG LITTLE THINGS IS PERFECT!!!!! I listened to Rock Me and They Don't Know About Us but idk if it's fake or not but are both amazing songs. Ok I'll shut up now


Liz's P.O.V.

Since Melanie got closed to Eleanor and Nicole they started to hangout more and even with the boys. I was just sitting next to Zayn on the couch cuddling when Melanie rushed in. The boys invited us for a slumber party so it would be hard to ignore her. I saw her whispering to Nicole and Eleanor about something and they looked at me and all laughed. What is this feeling in my stomach? Hatred? no Jealousy? No No it can't be, I'm just over thinking this. We argued more last week and I freaking hate her, she hanged out with them instead of me, her BFF, the one who's always there for her when she's sad and everything and she just leaves me and hangs out with 2 people she barely even know!!!!

"What are you doing here?" I spatted. That was a little too harsh but whatever.

"Why do you care? And why are you here? Not all of us likes you." Oh no she didn't, shits going down.

"OH IDC and why I'm here? Did you manage to forget that Zayn's my boyfriend?" I said angrily.

"Girls,girls no arguing." Daddy directioner said, "Let's watch Toy Story 3!!!"

"Sorry Li." We apologized at the same time.

"Don't talk at the same time as me." She spatted.

"Fuck you!" I shouted across the room.

I decided to ignore what she said after even though I was mad. I didn't wanna cause any fuss or anything. Zayn held me in his arms and we cuddled and kissed on the couch while watching Toy Story 3. Liam shushed us everytime we made a sound. I saw Melanie sitting next to Nicole and they kept on turning their heads to look at me and just laugh quietly. Sometimes Liam would just ignore them. I saw Harry staring at Melanie during the whole movie, he must've really liked her. I don't even know how I became best friends with tha brat. If I could turn back time to find a new best friend I swear I would cause I am hating this one right now.

Melanie's P.O.V.

I can't even stand her, she thinks she's so cool and awesome but she's really not. She is nothing but a pathetic little loser, I wonder how she got Zayn. Maybe she's just using Zayn for fame. I was chatting to Nicole about some of Liz's most embarrassing secrets that I swore never to tell, well too late. It was really awkward since Harry kept on staring at me. Then I heard someone clap so I guess the movie is over now.

"Let's play truth or dare." Louis said smiling, "I go first and you have to do whatever your dare is."

"Ok." Everybody chorused.

"Ok umm Mel truth or dare?"


"I dare you to kiss Zayn." I saw Zayn smirk as he moved closer to me. I can do this. I thought and convinced myself that I can do this.

"WHAT?!?!? NO!!!!" Liz bellowed at Louis.

"It's a game Liz, not that big of a deal." I said.

As I leaned in to kiss Zayn, he wrapped his arm around my neck and kissed me passionately. I had a feeling that he took this really seriously for a game.As he licked my bottom lip I felt someone grab my hair pulling me away. I also saw that Harry had pulled Zayn away and whispered something in Zayn's ear and somehow he looked scared.

"Ouch." I yelped in pain, "What the hell was that for?"

"You kissed my boyfriend for 2 fucking minutes!!!!" She yelled. Jealous.

"It was a dare anyways."

As I moved my arm, I accidently hit Liz on the nose. It was bleeding.

"Omg I-" Before I could finish she punched me in the nose.

"Ouch that hurts." Harry and Zayn rushed over to me to see if I was ok. Guess her boyfriend cared more for me than her. "What was that for?!?!? I hit you by accident!!!"

"I don't care." She said like she couldn't care less. I hoped my nose isn't broken, it hurts like hell.

"Well I'm going to drive her to the hospital to see if she had broken her nose or something." Harry said as he looked around for his keys and changed into his regular clothes.


"Well is she ok? Is her nose broken?" I heard Harry ask. "Does she need any surgery?"

Written by ~1Direction_LOVER~




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