When I Met You

It's when Liz and Melanie plan to go to the One Direction concert.Liz and Melanie went to the concert to get One Direction's pictures.But Melanie hates 1D,but when Melanie bumped into Harry and went to their signing the next day. Melanie realized she maybe into One Direction once again and stopped hating them. But one of her friends, like Liz, might not be BFFs for a long time. Read to find out!


5. Shopping or Baby-sitting?

Melanie's POV

Why do I really have to baby-sit when it's the time to go shopping with Nicole and Eleanor?! They looked really nice, and now I have to baby-sit my little sister, Sarah. Beep! A text from Liz, why?!


Hey Melanie! I was wondering if we could go shopping today!


Sorry Liz, I can't. I have to baby-sit Sarah, but thanks for the offer! 


I understand, next time then!



Great, now I have another offer to go shopping! Why does everyone wanna shop? Is there a sale?

"Melanie! Can you make me some popcorn?" My 7 year old sister begged.

"It's too early to eat popcorn, eat your cereal. And when mom is not here, it doesn't mean you can do everything you want, ok?" I replied.

"Ok, fine." She stomped back into her room.

I had the greatest idea! I can hire a baby-sitter and I can sneak out to go shopping with Nicole and Eleanor! Brilliant!

"Hey Sarah! A babysitter will take care of you for a while. I have to go to a friend's house, since she is sick and I have to help." I lied.

"When mom isn't here you can't do anything you want either!"

"You know, this babysitter i'm hiring is a great person! She will let you do almost everything you want!"


I called up a babysitter, and she arrived 5 mins later.

"Have fun Sarah! I will be back soon!" I told her as I grabbed my bag and rushed to the door.

Nicole and Eleanor were already waiting for me in front of my house.

"You ready to have some fun, girl?!" Nicole excitedly asked.

We drove away to the shopping mall! We went in and I saw Liz!!! OMG, she might get mad at me! SO I hid behind Eleanor.

"Melanie! Why are you hiding? Is there something wrong?" Eleanor asked looking at me.

I kept silent. 

Finally, Liz spotted Nicole.

"OMG! Nicole? It's me Liz!" Liz ran towards us.

"Liz! We didn't know you were here! Wanna join me, Eleanor, and Melanie?" Nicole asked.

"Did you just say Melanie?"

"Yeah, she's here, hiding behind Eleanor!"

Eleanor showed Liz. I was dead meat.

"Melanie! I thought you were babysitting Sarah! And why are you hiding from me?!" She asked angrily.

"I wasn't hiding from you." I mumbled.

"Don't lie to me! I know you!" Liz Shouted, that almost everyone in the mall was looking at us.

"I'm sorry! I sneaked out of the house."

"You could've just told me." She replied sadly and walked away.

Eleanor and Nicole were looking at me.


Liz's P.O.V.

I hate her. I hate her! I HATE HER!!! I was so angry that I almost destroyed my whole bedroom and my mom went up to check on me. I was probably just jealous, I mean she has two friends who has a boyfriend from 1D. But I don't care anymore. I already have Zayn and he is everything I wanted. And I still hate Melanie.Zayn asked me out that night and I said yes. I ripped my BFF necklace from Melanie off. I throw it out of my window. I REALLY HATE HER NOW! I don't care if Harry and she get together. I will just tell Harry all bad things about Melanie. Then he will dump her and that's how I get rid of my ex best friend. Harry will believe me, since Zayn and I had been in a really good relationship. Harry will always believe me. Always. And since I am a true directioner he will believe me.

Written by 1Drockz

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