When I Met You

It's when Liz and Melanie plan to go to the One Direction concert.Liz and Melanie went to the concert to get One Direction's pictures.But Melanie hates 1D,but when Melanie bumped into Harry and went to their signing the next day. Melanie realized she maybe into One Direction once again and stopped hating them. But one of her friends, like Liz, might not be BFFs for a long time. Read to find out!


9. Are You Ok?

Melanie's P.O.V.

I'm so worried, I never thought this would happen. Now I feel so...so... SAD! I hate that Jacob, and he had to do this to Harry? Wait why am I this worried? I can't have feelings for him right?

We finally get to the hospital and stay next to Harry the whole time. But the doctor said I had to stay out. So I started calling the other band members and Nicole and Eleanor.

Why would I call Liz? She's gonna make some menaces around here. And I don't want that.

"Melanie? What happened? Why are you crying?" Louis asked on the phone.

"Ha- Harry" I couldn't finish what I was saying since I was crying too much.

"What about Harry? What happened to him?" He asked impatiently.

"He- he's in the hospital" I said and then I heard some background noises, like"What?!"

"What?! Ok, we're coming and you could just tell the story when we get there"

I gave Louis the address of the hospital and they came here 5 minutes later.

Eleanor came running up to me when they arrived and hugged me.

"What happened to Harry?" Nicole asked.

"He got punched by..." I tried to say his name. But I hated him. I hate him!

So I told the story to them, including about Jacob. Then I started crying again. I don't know why, but I just can't control myself.

10 mins. later, the doctor informed us that Harry was awake, and he is ok in this condition.

I felt relieved. We all went in and saw poor Harry staring at the wall.

"Harry? Are you ok?" I asked hurrying over to Harry. I took a chair and sat next to him holding his hand.

"We heard about what happened, mate." Louis said as he looked at Harry.

Everyone was crowding him, and he was looking at me.

"I'm fine. But what I'm worried about is, Melanie are YOU ok?" Harry asked worriedly.

I can't believe it. He is worried about me when he was the one who got hurt.

"Me? I'm fine, nothing to worry about. I'm worried about you, are you ok?" I asked.

"I'm fine, but I'm really worried-" Harry was cut off by Zayn.

"Ok, ok. We get it, you both are worried about each other. Can you two please stop now?" Zayn said annoyed. What's his problem?

Harry and I both nodded and we all started talking.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was in shock that Melanie was so worried about me. But I'm worried about her too. I can tell she's very worried by her face expression.

But all I can look at is her beautiful blue eyes and her smile. I know that smile is fake, I know she's very worried.

Soon, when I recover, I'll give Jacob what he deserves. A punch, a kick, and all kinds of things that will make my beautiful Melanie safe.

Wrote by 1Drockz

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