Never Ending

Whats it like being caught in a never ending Halloween night over and over. You think it will be over sometime right? Well guess what NO! Four girls stumble across a portal to another dimension. They actually was chosen to be stuck in there for ever. Ghost , goblins, witches, warlocks everything wants to kill them. Unless they find a way to not be a mortal they die. Not by a painless death they die by a PAINFUL, CHILLING DEATH! An their death repeats each time the Witches, goblins,etc go to sleep and wake up.


1. Planning

Mackenzie's P.O.V

Halloween is in two days! Finally! I can't wait to go to that house party these cute boys are having in my school.


"Mackenzie!, Makckenzie" My friend said snapping at me.


"Huh what?" I said confused


"Stood dreaming about the boys and start dreaming about what we are going to wear!" Melanie said


"Oh well im going to be private school girl how about we all be that and be called the clique" I said


"OOOOO that sounds great i'll wear the purple White skirt, and baby blue top, with white heels" Mel said


"An i will wear the turquoise shirt with black skinny jeans and black converse." Tayah


"Ok im guessing i'll wear the purple shirt, black skinny jeans, and black vans" I put out there


"Oh umm i'll wear the teal shirt and white skinny jeans" Gigi said quietly


"Gigi are you scared" Mel questioned


"Oh no i'm just really tiredyou know my brother kept me up all night!" Gigi says angerly


"Oh yeah sorry forgot" Mel says while laughing


"Guys it's late you should be going home" I said


"Oh ok bye Mackenzie" They all said to me while walking out the door


I headed upstairs to my room. My mom and dad won't get home till later today. It was about 11pm and i was exhausted. I plopped my self onto my bed and before you know it I was sleeping.

*********** in her dream


"Mackenzie darling we will be waiting for you on the night of Halloween" A lady says to me in a creepy voice.


I hear haunting music playing the drums picking up i'm running through the forest screaming my lungs out. I see notes on the trees saying "You cant hide" "We see you" "Welcome to your death"

*********** back to reality


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed my head off


I opened my eyes to see a man standing in front of me in white.


"SLENDER STAY BACK" I said screaming I ran around him and down the hall.


I didn't dare to looks back. I tripped On my foot and fell. I turned around to see him coming towards me.


"Please spare me please" I said while crying


His face had a mask on it he had no eyes but why is he in a tux?


"Mackenzie" the slender said


"Dad?" I said scaredly


"Yes honey this is my costume for Halloween"


I could feel my heart slow down after he said that. The tears from my eyes stopped and I just started to laugh.


"We'll nice way of scaring me dad" I said


"Hahah yes I'm scary" my dad said in a nerdy tone My dad can be a nerd sometimes.


"Ok well goodnight dad" I said and headed back to my room and went to bed.

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