Never Ending

Whats it like being caught in a never ending Halloween night over and over. You think it will be over sometime right? Well guess what NO! Four girls stumble across a portal to another dimension. They actually was chosen to be stuck in there for ever. Ghost , goblins, witches, warlocks everything wants to kill them. Unless they find a way to not be a mortal they die. Not by a painless death they die by a PAINFUL, CHILLING DEATH! An their death repeats each time the Witches, goblins,etc go to sleep and wake up.


2. Heart attack

Mackenzie's P.O.V


I woke up to no light shining into my room as usual? How strange? I looked at the clock to see it said 11am. Say what I slept that long! Wait a minute. I blinked my eyes a couple of times and saw my room covered in black wallpaper, black curtains, black carpet. I saw fog coming from my floor. Ghost hiding in the corners. Candles flying from my ceiling. Jacko-lanterns right by my door. Creepy music playing. Da da da da da da it started to pick up. dadadadadadadada........ Everything went silence. All I hear was someone say "in our town of Halloween" WHAT THE HELL! I'm terrified That's when I walked to my closet. It opened on its on.


"AHHH" I said screaming I saw something moving in it.


Then a violin started to play. Oh shit someone hold me. I looked closely ink my closet and I was pulled in.


"Welcome to your death" the voice said


"AHHHHHH" I said screamed in a high pitch


I ran out my closet and down my stairs. I ran outside to see it was raining. So I ran back inside straight to the kitchen. I ran into the kitchen to see floating knifes. ONE CAME FLYING AT ME!


" DIE!" Something said


What is going on?!!!!! I looked around my kitchen everything was kind of dark but I could still see. That's when I saw it. A GHOST!! It was scary looking. There was blood on the knife it had in its hand. It turned and looked at me. No eyes just whiteness. IT CAME FLYING TOWARDS ME. I saw the dead body on the floor. OH SHIT WHAT'S GOING ON! I ran outside and bumped into my mom.


"MOMMY!" I said screaming


"Oh I see you have seen the decorations" she said laughing


What the hell did she plan this!


"Yeah mom I did -_-, thanks for almost killing me" I said with no emotion


I turned and looked at my house. Everything was dark. Then I heard a women scream in my house. Creepy voices speaking


"Honey lets go back inside it's raining" my mom said


"Uh huh you can go yourself" I said terrified.


My mom walked inside and that's when I decided to go in as well. Everything was back to normal.

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