Never Ending

Whats it like being caught in a never ending Halloween night over and over. You think it will be over sometime right? Well guess what NO! Four girls stumble across a portal to another dimension. They actually was chosen to be stuck in there for ever. Ghost , goblins, witches, warlocks everything wants to kill them. Unless they find a way to not be a mortal they die. Not by a painless death they die by a PAINFUL, CHILLING DEATH! An their death repeats each time the Witches, goblins,etc go to sleep and wake up.


7. Halloween Town

Melanie's P.O.V

"hehe wake up my children" a lady said


I opened my eyes slowly to see this lady that was in a really goof witch costume maybe. Gigi, Mel, and Tayah was starting to wake up slowly.


"Great my children are up" The witch said


"Excuse me what the hell do you mean by children" Gigi snapped


The witch just stood there staring at her. Oh hell is going to break. The witch picked up this stick thingy and started to say some words.


"Duck" I screamed


We all ducked and ran out the room we was in. We ran through these long hallways they seemed like they would never end. Wwe heard a girl scream.


"OMG WHAT IS THIS PLACE!" Mel screamed


"I dont know keep running to the door at the end!"


We finally go to the door and we was outside. Goblins, Witches flying, Warlocks, Ghost, Skeletons, Shadows everything that is apart of Halloween was outside!


"It seems that you found your new life" The voice said




"You four was chosen to be taken in here" The voice said


"Chosen? WE ARENT EV-" the voice cut me off


"Ah uh ah I wouldn't say that if i was you"


"Why not!" I screamed


"You'll die" The voice faded away again


"What come back here right now!" I said angerly


"Mackenzie stop don't he's gone, plus if we don't find a way to blend in they will find out we are.....mortals" She said in a whisper next to my ear


"I know I know we all can become witches or somehow fairy's"


"Or we could hide?" Tayah suggested 


Everyone in the town except us formed into a giant circle. They started to chant something.


"New comers, welcome" An they repeated that over and over


we all just stood there confused.


"Your kingdom await's you" The voice said


We looked down at our feet and we fell through the ground we was standing on but it was no longer there.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" We all screamed


Before you knew it we landed on a soft bed.


"This is your home for now you can leave and go by leaving in the elevator" The voice said.


"Also don't let anyone know...your a mortal" The voice said fading away


We all just sat on the soft bed we landed on.

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