Never Ending

Whats it like being caught in a never ending Halloween night over and over. You think it will be over sometime right? Well guess what NO! Four girls stumble across a portal to another dimension. They actually was chosen to be stuck in there for ever. Ghost , goblins, witches, warlocks everything wants to kill them. Unless they find a way to not be a mortal they die. Not by a painless death they die by a PAINFUL, CHILLING DEATH! An their death repeats each time the Witches, goblins,etc go to sleep and wake up.


5. Ghost girl

Mackenzie's P.O.V


"My spirit sleeping somewhere cold until you find it and bring it back......hoomme" a voice said in a whisper


I sprung up almost screaming my head off. I turned to see Melanie, Gigi, and Tayah standing in front of me.




"It wasn't us Mackenzie we swear" they said with their eyes open wide


"Yes it wasn't them, it's me Aliyah" I think the wall just said


We just stood there frozen hopping it was just another one of my moms Pranks.


"Don't be alarmed I was killed years ago" the voice said


"We'll can you show us your self?" I said


"Ok if you insist" She came out of the wall.


She was a beautiful girl. How did she die? Or what if she was killed?


"How did you die? You look so young" I said


"We'll I am 15 and died by a mass father"


"Your own father killed you?" Mel said confused


"Yeah actually he also killed my mother but she isn't in this house, she's haunting his grave" the girl said


"Why did he even do all of this?" I questioned


"He loved killing, even though he said he would never kill us he did"


"What did he love about killing?" Gigi questioned


He loved having a very sharp knife slowly going into someone's flesh. He loved the part where he twisted the knife into their flesh and blood came out and the person screamed. He also loved having a stick with fire on it and burn them. He would take the stick of fire and place it on the persons skin and just watch it melt away as the person screams in pain. He loved chocking people with his bare hands. The feeling of them not breathing and calling for help. My father loved seeing everyone in pain but he lied to me and my mother saying he would never kill us"


We all just stood there terrified of what the girl told us.


"So so how did he kill you?" I asked


"He did all three of them, first was the knife into my arm, after my arm was cut open he got a stick of fire and placed it on the open flesh, I screamed in pain pleading him, "Daddy stop I love you what are you doing stop it! AHHHHHHH you lied to us your a liar your crazy!" I said to my father as he continue. He didn't care he has crazy in his eyes. My mother came down those steps screaming at him and crying. That's when after he choked me I'm guessing he went for my mother."


We had nothing to comment to that but Tayah fainted to the floor.


"If you was the first person to move here you would always smell blood with fire. My body would always pop up out of nowhere and I'd scare the people out of anger, my face would be pouring blood from my eyes my arm cut open and burnt" she said sadly


"I'm so so sorry to hear that, you need to be set free" I said


"Actually don't set me free yet I want to live her just a couple more years, my mother will be back to get me in 2 years"


"How do you know?" I asked


"She can easily travel from the grave to the house only for a hour and it takes her 45 minutes to get here."




"I must go, what ever you do watch out for my father he haunts the grave yard and other places" the girl said while disappearing.

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