Never Ending

Whats it like being caught in a never ending Halloween night over and over. You think it will be over sometime right? Well guess what NO! Four girls stumble across a portal to another dimension. They actually was chosen to be stuck in there for ever. Ghost , goblins, witches, warlocks everything wants to kill them. Unless they find a way to not be a mortal they die. Not by a painless death they die by a PAINFUL, CHILLING DEATH! An their death repeats each time the Witches, goblins,etc go to sleep and wake up.


9. Dead girl

Mackenzie's P.O.V


We all woke up in this house? Are we home finally! I hope so. We all started to walk around the home. Mel got on the laptop she found. Gigi joined her. Tayah walked over to the tv and started to watch it. Am I the only one that seems suspicious about this? I saw two adults walking down the steps dressed all fancy and they had bags in their hands?


"Alright Mackenzie, Melanie, Gigi, and Tayah we are off to our Hawaii trip so we will be back in a week." The women said


"Ok?" I said confused


"Oh I forgot the babysitter and this time it's a boy now don't flirt with him!" She said


We all just looked at her as if she was making us seem as if we was her kids? She walked out the door and we just looked at each other?


"Baby sitter? Cute boy?" I'm cool with that Gigi said and Mel agreed with her


"Guys we was in a Halloween town HOW THE HELL DID WE GET HERE!" I beamed


"I don't know just flow with it since a boy is coming over in twenty minutes." Mel said


I joined them on the couch. I felt as if someone or something was breathing down my neck. I kept getting these cold chills. Then I saw Mel getting the chills as well. On the screen of the laptop it says do you dare? What does that mean!


"Do we dare what?!?" Mel questions


Then another thing pops up saying.


"Do you dare looking behind your self?" We just looked at each other and shrugged.


All of us turn our heads to see a 10 year old girl dripping blood that made a puddle. Her face had anger in it. Her shoes must have been white but now stained with red blood. The girl had no eyes her hair was in her face.


"I asked you if you dare"


The thing popped on the computer again. Well we was confused. Tayah started to cry was she scared? Gigi started to Rock back and forth.


"Next question do you dare kiss your baby sitter?"


"We'll if he's cute!" Mel said


"Challenge accepted"


The babysitter walked through the door. And damn was her good looking. His hair was a flowing but not to long. Brown hair brown eyes. Nice tan skin. He even had a six pack!


"Am I baby sitting you girls?" He asked


"Uh uh uh uh uh.... Yes" I said shyly


"We'll four beautiful girls need a babysitter?" He said while smiling at me


"I guess so" I said while smiling back


I got up from my seat I still saw the blood on the ground where the girl was standing but the boy didn't question about it.


"So how old are you?" He asked


"I'm 17" I said


"A 17 year old needing a babysitter still?"


"We'll if your as adorable as you are then yes"


what the hell was I saying am I dreaming we was in Halloween town! Not no dating zone! I saw him coming in for a kiss. His eyes was sparkling then he closed them. The saying came back to my head. I didn't care I came in for the kiss as well. Our lips meet and it was perfect. But then I tried to Breathe and I couldnt. He but his hands on my throat chocking me! I try to pull back from the kiss but I couldn't.


"MMMMM MMMM!l I said


" OMG MACKENZIE!" Mel came running over to me.


She pushed him off of me and he turned into that 10 year old girl.


"AHHHHHH" we all screamed Everything went black and we was back in Halloween town? What what I fainted to the ground.

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