one extrodinary day

one extrodinary day i became friends with harry styles.Maybe more.But what happens when i meet the boys will they fall for me or more importantly will i fall for them?I guess youll have to read to find out.


2. Walk in the park


He was really helpful oh woops i forgot to ask him his name good job kim someone starts to help you and you dont even no his name i face palmed my self."umm wuts your name im sorry"i said"my name is harry love no need for sorry."harry said"ok my name is kimberly but everyone calls me either kim or kimmy."i  said."thats a beautiful name just like you"i blushed was he flirting with me at a time like this"thanks but i think i should be  going now"i said he was staring in my eyes was i falling for him no i cant i dont even know him"kimberly before you leave please take a walk in the park with me please"he asked of course i said "yes".


So we started to walk i brushed my hand over hers then we interwined our fingers.She looked down at our hands and smiled.Of course when i saw her smile it made me smile i decided to take her to my favorite part of the park.As we were walking we talked about our selves i might be falling fro this girl.when we finally got there the sun was setting it was a cliff i always sit up there."its beautiful up here"said kim"yes i know thats why i brought you up here"i said.i looked at her she was smiling her skin sparkled in the sun.She looked at me her eyes also glistened in the sun.we kept staring at each other.i started to lean in she started to lean in too we were inches away from each other when a little girl was crying out"MOMMY!MOMMY!"Kim looked at the girl and went up to her."whats rong love?"she aasked."i-i lost my mo-mommy"she sniffled out."CAITY!CAITY!WERE ARE YOU!"We heard a women yell then the little girl ran up to her and gave her a hug then the women said thank you then they left.Kim looked down at her watch and said"harry im really sorry but i have to get home"she said with a sorry face."no no its ok babe go but can i haave your number?"i asked then she gave me her number and walked home.we were so close to kissing i wish we couldve.that was one walk in the park that i would never forget.I will never forget those beautiful eyes ever i just hav to call her soon.

(sorry you guys for short chapters i just have little time to rite but i will rite lots of chapters thanks guys)

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