one extrodinary day

one extrodinary day i became friends with harry styles.Maybe more.But what happens when i meet the boys will they fall for me or more importantly will i fall for them?I guess youll have to read to find out.


6. Noooo!!!


Noooo!!! why did i have  to do that god Harry your so stupid i thought.My eyes started to water and i started to run home.When i felt a hand pull me back and then the blonde chick started to snog me again"i came back to let you explain but i guess your too busy sorry for interepting."i heard someone say i turnend around and saw kim.NOOOOO!!!Why ugggh i hate myself rite now."no kim its not what it looks like please."i begged"oh no its nothing but please intorduce me to your girlfriend?"she asked"no kim shes no-"i started to say but got stopped by mary an(blonde chick girls name)"Hi my name is Mary an who are you?"she said"oh im just Harrys friend kimberly nice to meet youu but ive gotta go bye""bye please to meet you"then she started to snog me.I pushed her away and ran home.i punched the wall now theres a hole in it great.

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