one extrodinary day

one extrodinary day i became friends with harry styles.Maybe more.But what happens when i meet the boys will they fall for me or more importantly will i fall for them?I guess youll have to read to find out.


5. I ...I...


I saw Harry snogging(making out in british)a blonde girl.I felt the tears startingto well up in my eyes.But why should i be mad im not even dating him.I just ran past him then i heard my name being called i turned around and saw harry coming.I just started to run again then i felt a hand on my shoulder i turned around and saw Harry."Oh hi Harry can i help you?"i asked still a bit peed off about the whole encounter."can you please let go of me i need to run"i said and put on a fake smile."please kim let me explain"he said"oh no its ok can you intorduce me to your girlfriend oh wait sorry no yime bye."then i sprinted off

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