one extrodinary day

one extrodinary day i became friends with harry styles.Maybe more.But what happens when i meet the boys will they fall for me or more importantly will i fall for them?I guess youll have to read to find out.


9. How could you


I am Harrys girlfriend thats alot to take in but whatever."So Harry will you take me to meet your friends?"i asked refering to the people behind him."Yes i will lets go me lady"he said in a wierd voice"i laughed"ok lets go"i said trying to mimick his voice.We held hands and went"ok so these are my best friends Zayn,Louis,Liam,and last but not least Niall""And guys this is Kimberly but she likes to be called kim or kimmy."then they all gave me hugs by far i think Niall is the best hugger.I looked around at the boys and then saw that Zayn winked at me i just looked down so i could hide my blush.i think that Harry saw beacause Harry said through gritted teeth"this is my girlfrriend so stay away"woah over protectted much"Harry its ok no need to get mad"i whispered to him"but you saw that you saw Zayn wink at you"he whispered back"yes i know but still chill kay"i whispered"okay fine"he said"ok so what were you guys doing before i was here"i asked."well we were playing water volleyball"Niall said"Oh ok can i join?"i asked"Ya sure"they all said in unison."Ya um ill be right back im just gonna go on a little walk"Harry said.then i heard "Oks"or"see you soon"s.So he started walking."So whos team am i on?"i asked"well i think your on our team"i heard louis say.So im on Louis's and Nialls team.we played and of course our team won.We all cheered then they asked"how are you so good at thi?"Liam asked"well i was on the volleyball team in elementry middle and highschool i even got a scholorship for it.""Oh i see thats why"they said then we just kept talking about ourselfs.Harry still hasnt come back yet so i said"Hey guys im gonna go see were Harry is ok""ya sure"they all said.Then i started walking and saw him but what i saw wasnt something that made me happy.I saw him snogging another girl and i just became his girlfriend why would he do that to me.So i just ran back to the boys and said while crying"Umm can you please tell Harry that were over and i never want to see him again please?""Ya sure but what happened why are you crying?"they all asked"I umm saw him snogging another girl and ya"i choked out through my cries."Why the hell woould he do that to such a abeautiful girl like you?"Zayn asked then he came up and hugged me and i cried on his shoulder.Then he kissed my forehead.Then i heard"You get away from my girl now!!!"I looked up and saw Harry."i am not your girl so go away we are over!!!"i ssaid"what why?""beacause i saw you snogging another girl just get away form me how could you do this to me again?"

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