one extrodinary day

one extrodinary day i became friends with harry styles.Maybe more.But what happens when i meet the boys will they fall for me or more importantly will i fall for them?I guess youll have to read to find out.


10. How could i


"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!!"I yelled"WHY DO YOU CARE?!"he yelled back"BEACAUSE I LOVE HER"woah that came out of no were."you what,you cant freakin love her shes my freakin girlfriend""no shes not i gonna go look for her"i said then i ran to go look for her.I heard crying and i looked around the corner in an alley."i heard what you said Zayn why do YOU love ME?""i-i dont know i guess i just do your smile your laugh everything about you."then she fell silent.


I didnt know what to say so i said"Zayn i dont kn-"but before i could finish my sentance Zayn crashed his lips onto mine and what surprised me was that i kissed back then i heard"WHAT THE HELL MAN?!"I looked up and saw somone that i thought wouldnt say thhat.And i can tell you that it wasnt Harry but it was someone in the band.It was....

(A\N Hi guys wuts up im sorry to leave you at a cliffhanger woops.I dont know if i should continue beacause no one is like reading this so please let me know)

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