"I've Fallen For Eyes...But They Don't Know Me Yet."


1. "The Past."

Hi. Im Haley. Im going to tell you my story. When i was 12 i was in the car going to my grandparents house with my mother & father. I was in the back jamming out to my CD. I was getting on my parents nerves and they both turned around to tell me to stop and be quit. They had stopped at a red light but that didnt stop the driver going 75 in a 35....thats all i remember. I woke up in a hospital with my grandparents by my side.. and with them was my childhood bestfriend. Harry. We were technically born together. His mom and my mom were best friends since middleschool & then on. I loved Harry. I was just 12 & most people would say thats not love. But i loved him as a bestfriend, i didnt go a day without seeing him or hanging out with him. When i woke up Harry ran over to the hospital bed and grabbed my hand and started crying as well as me. Thats enough about the past though. Im now 17. My grandparents have pasted away when i was 14..So im living with Harrys mom Anne & His stepfather and Gemma. I barely see Harry that often anymore.. He auditioned for the X-Factor and got put in a band. One Direction. But hes coming home today, and staying for a whole week! Maybe ill finally be able to tell him how i feel about him. Im...In love with him.. 

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