The bestfried backstab

As Lauryn and her best friend Alyssa get threw life slowly but surely there dream to go to England is finally in reach. They feel unstoppable till they meet the people who may kill there friend ship. Will it last or Will a secret kill the friendship...


1. Ready or Not

Alyssa`s P.o.v

``Lauryn get your ass down here the plane leaves in in like 3 hours we have to go`` Err that girl she really needs to get a watch. Finally as she walks in she looks like shes been crying for hours.

``Oh sorry boo bear i was just putting the rest of my stuff in boxes`` Me and Lauryn have been best-friends since 7th grade. (At the time one directions Louis Tomlinson wasn't really existent and that means boo bear wasnt existent so i had the nick name first.) She walked down with a straight face, she always smiled.

``Lazz whats wrong, you seem bummed, what happened you know I wont shut up if you don't tell me!!`` she looked at me a with worry.

`` I`m gonna miss thunder bay, but england awaits`` as we walked out the sunshine burned we left our small apartment and grabbed a taxi. 

*skip car ride*

after a 10 minute ride we were at our small little airport.As we walked in to check in there he was the man I have been dreading to see...........

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