Secret Sister

What happens when Niall finds out he gas a secret sister. What will happen when all of Niall's band mates start falling for her what happens when the all ask her out on the same day will the band hate each other when she picks the one in her heart or will Niall save the day........


3. ?

Niall's POV continued

The boys started to knock on the door and I told them to go away but I asked Liam to stay here with. I saw the way he looked at her and I knew be liked her alot even though he knew nothing about her. "hey. Nialler you okay you seen a little down. What's up." "it's just that I never new that I had a sister it's a little surprising if you know what I mean." "yeah it's likethe time I found out that Dani and I were through." "hey loam do you like my lil sister." "why?" "because I saw the way you looked at her when you saw her I also think the other guys like her to but it's cool if you like her.""yeah Niall I do like her alot the problem is that all the guys like her except for Harry he has Sam the boys and I decided that if she likes one of us we won't get mad will just be happy for them" as soon as I herd Liam say this I knew what j
Kind of brother I had to be the over protective kind if she has the boys falli g at her feet that means alot more guys will be falling for her too.

Liams POV

I was so happy niall was cool if I dated his sister. If only I could find away to do it privitally wit out the other guy around or else they would freak out if they found out. I went back down stairs the boys asked if Niall was ok I replied with a simple yes Taylor looked bored so I asked the guys and her if they wanted to play a game Louis started to yell "TRUTH OR DARE" in my ear as soon as Louis said the words Niall came running down the stairs.

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