Secret Sister

What happens when Niall finds out he gas a secret sister. What will happen when all of Niall's band mates start falling for her what happens when the all ask her out on the same day will the band hate each other when she picks the one in her heart or will Niall save the day........


10. Second Round of Truth or Dare

Liam's POV

So I went upstairs to call the other boys and Taylor down so we could play truth or dare I really wanted to meet her friends from we're she grew up so if she picked dare that would be my dare.when I called them all they went rushing down to the living room but Taylor stopped beside me and grabbed my hand I didn't see Sam though. She was probably sleeping from being jet legged. Taylor started to walk forward and drag me so I followed.

Taylor's POV

Me and Liam went down stairs to play truth or dare Liam went first " ok Taylor I dare you to invite all your friends from where you grew up to Ireland and I will pay for the plane tickets!" "Ok that would be grate I really miss them and we can share my room. I'll go call them right now." So I went to go call my friends Clare, Kaylin, and Brianna I texted all of them and got responses back 30 seconds later I texted them all the information and said that I would see them a the airport but what they didn't know was that I was bringing the boys and I wanted to surprise them cease they are all huge fans.

Three days later still Taylor's POV

The guys and I were at the airport waiting for my friends when I herd my name being called I turned around to see my best friends standing right in front of me when Liam came up behind and wrapped me in a hug saying "hey love when are you going to introduce us to your lovely friends here." Right then all the guys came over and started to swarm us except Harry but he didn't seem his usual self lately he seemed kind of down but then again I also haven't seen Sam lately either but what I do know was that I herd a lot of yelling the other day and a door slamming shut maybe they broke up either way I am going to find out.
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