Secret Sister

What happens when Niall finds out he gas a secret sister. What will happen when all of Niall's band mates start falling for her what happens when the all ask her out on the same day will the band hate each other when she picks the one in her heart or will Niall save the day........


7. Help

Taylor's POV

After icgot changed I went down stairs and just in time cause nicole was right at the door knocking. I let her in and told her we have to go some were other than here. She bad worried look on her face as I finished my sentence. "where should we go" she asked "starbucks I haven't been there since came here" "k" she replied.

At Starbucks

" so what do you want to talk about?" "well to day three of the guys asked me out and I didn't respond to any of them I love them all so much I don't want them to hate eachother because of me. And I don't know which guy to choose my hart says Liam but my mind says Zayn but my body wants Louis I'm so confused.""well don't ask me this ask your brother after all he is Niall Horan and they are his bandmates!" "but what if he becomes the overprotective brother there so annoying and I know that from really close friends." "well go talk to him first and this is my advice to you follow your heart"

Back at the house

I went up to Niall's room to see if he was in there . Nicole had just droped me off so I took her advice. Score Niall was in his room "hey Niall can I come in I need to talk to you considering your my brother and all." "yeah sure. What's up well Liam Louis and Zayn all asked me out today and I'm not sure who to choose I love them all it's just my heart wants Liam my mind says Zayn but my body says Louis so I'm not sure""follow your heart Taylor it's your life I am the overprotective brother but these are my mates Liam already came and asked if it was alright to ask you out." "thanks" I said I went to go find Liam he was sitting on the couch watching toy story 3 of the trilogy.
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