Secret Sister

What happens when Niall finds out he gas a secret sister. What will happen when all of Niall's band mates start falling for her what happens when the all ask her out on the same day will the band hate each other when she picks the one in her heart or will Niall save the day........


9. Fights

Taylor's POV

I said yes to Liam but the only bad part was how am I going to tell the boys maybe i will just make out with him in front of the boys yeah that will work. After a little while of thinking I felt someone's lips against mine then I realized it as Liam I was kissing the Liam Payne he just kissed me a normal 14 year old girl born and raised in Vancouver Canada who originally came from Ireland was put for adoption was adopted then my mom found me and asked me to come back home to my real family. The kiss was amazayn our lips fit in to each others perfectly they moved in sink then I felt something on my lips. It was Liam's tongue asking for entrance I didn't disagree . Our tongues danced in each others mouth and explored. Until I heard some one yell "Liam a word!!!!" I knew who I was it was Louis and Zayn. I saw the looks on there face they looked pretty pissed off if you asked me but I didn't care I just found the love of my life and had my first kiss I couldn't be happier so I just skipped out of the room like nothing happened.

Louis's POV

I came down the stairs to grab something to eat when I see Liam kissing Taylor like what the heck man. I started to yell at Liam then Zayn came running down the stairs to see what was happening then he realized by look on Taylor's face she had a huge smile plastered on her face an started to skip out of the room. But when I looked at Liam he looked so in love I just could not stop him from loving her "Liam I'm so sooty it's just that you know I fancy Taylor but the look on your face when you look at her is more than the look of love you look lost with out her you will love her more than I ever will but I will get over her so please don't be mad we cool?" "Yeah we're cool"

Zayn's POV

After i herd what louis said felt the same way " Hey Liam sorry if I get mad at you at any time but same goes for me on what Louis said we ok" he just nodded "hey you want to go play truth or dare?" Liam asked we all nodded he got but said he was going to get the others and that he would be right back.
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