Secret Sister

What happens when Niall finds out he gas a secret sister. What will happen when all of Niall's band mates start falling for her what happens when the all ask her out on the same day will the band hate each other when she picks the one in her heart or will Niall save the day........


11. Break ups and get togethers

Taylor's POV

When we got back to my moms house I pulled Harry up to my room and asked him" Harry did you and Sam break up yes or no?" "Yes me and Sam broke up because she had to go back to school and her dad threatened her." "Aw Harry it's ok don't be sad I know a girl who is downstairs and is in love with you. When she first saw you she asked me if you were single and I said I didn't know I'll ask him and so now I just did and your single so now I have a question for you do you like Brianna?" "Yes and she likes me so I am going to ask her out. Thanks Tay." Whoop dee doo my job is done. So I went to go find Liam.

A/N sorry for the short chapter had a good idea and then forgot love samxxxxx ;)
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