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My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


13. Will you?

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Tylea xx

Niall's P.O.V

I was packing my suitcase ready to head to Holland as I wondered if Hannah would still freak out on the plane. Harry sings to her most times and she either calms down or goes to sleep but this is a long flight. Me and Tyler are going on a picnic and I'm going to give her the necklace I bought her last week (there has been too much drama so I didn't have time).

I'm soooo excited for Holland, there's so much stuff I wanna do. But now while we are still in Germany I'm going to invite Tyler to the picnic, but how? I've decided just say 'lets go to the park'. Simple. 


"Yeh Nialler"She said walking in. 

"Do you erm... wanna go to the er... park later?" I said, a noticeable red settling on my cheeks. 

"Yes, of course there's nowhere I'd rather be," She grinned immediately calming my nerves, all I have to do now is convince the lads to help me organise everything. 

Fun, (note the sarcasm). 

"Lads!!!" I screamed as loud as I could, Harry wandered out in nothing but boxers.

"God,Harry!!! Are you never fully clothed,Jesus Christ!!!" I yelled coving my pretty blue eyes before they burn. 

"Calm down, I made him put on some trousers and a top. Just" Lou giggled while Liam and Zayn meandered through the double doors. 

"So, why did you call us? What do you need?" Liam questioned, cheeks a little red and obviously annoyed at being interrupted from him and Dani's 'TIME ALONE'. It's cute really, how close they are. I hope me and Tyler get like that. 

"Niall!?"A Bradford accent snapped my out of my thoughts. 

"Oh yeh, sorry" I mumbled suddenly nervous, why was I nervous? They are like my brothers. 

"Well, the thing is. I want to organise a picnic for me and Tyler and I need  your help" I looked at them expecting an answer. 

"Sure mate, what do you need?" Louis said while the others just nodded. 

"Well, Harry. I need you to cook some picnic food please, whatever you think best and can you all ask your girlfriends to keep Ty busy and get her to the park when we call?"

"Consider it done" said Harry's deep raspy voice said. "Great, Zayn, can you find a spot in the park that's far away from everyone, especially fans?"

"Ok" Zayn grinned going to get his shoes from by the coat stand.  

"Louis and Liam can you help me decorate and organise everything else please?" I said hopefully. 

Louis and Liam looked mischievously at each other and then ran at me tacking me to sofa screaming "OF COURSE". That was all Harry and Zayn needed before leaping on top of of us, crushing me in the process. 

"Anyway guys, get t-to work" I tried to say muffled by Harry's elbow in my face. They all clambered off me and wandered off, Louis and Liam came back over to me wearing different clothes, Harry went towards the kitchen and Zayn walked out. 

 Dani's P.O.V

Me and Liam are back together, it's perfect."I love you Dani-bear" Liam said sweetly into my ear, "I love you too Lili" I whispered as he pressed his lips gently to mine, our hands drifted together entwining our fingers. One of my hands grazed his cheek before tangling in his hair, he pushed me back onto the bed, still not breaking the kiss. I ran my other hand along his shirt before slipping it under the hem and along his smooth, cool skin. 

A low groan escaped his lips as I leant up and nibbled his ear trailing kisses along his jaw. 



"Damn you Niall and your awful timing, I'm sorry Dani-bear my Nialler needs me" he stood up and sighed loudly. 

"We'll continue THIS later" I said wiggling my eyebrows which made him blush and laugh. 

I sat for a while before getting up and grabbing my phone, I scrolled through my twitter, looking at the hate and remembering its worth it to be with my Lili. After chatting with Marie via iMessage for a while I found out that all of us were stranded. Boyfriend-less. 

Liam ran in looking flustered then began stripping VERY quickly. "Someone's eager" I teased, he raised an eyebrow at me then continued 

"Dani, I need you, Marie, Perrie and Holly to keep Tyler in this apartment and then take her to the park when I call. Ok?" He looked at me hopefully and I smiled and nodded. He walked over and kissed me before whispering in my ear "See you soon Dani-bear" and then he slipped on his converse and wandered back out. 

I grabbed my phone and texted all the girls.

"Hey girls,
                    B in my room in 5. Bring pillows, duvets and sleeping bags. 
                                                  Dani xx"

Liam also said that all the girls but Tyler know the plan. 

I ran out of the bedroom to the now empty kitchen, grabbing chocolate and cups of tea, I also grabbed some films, Magazines and a small box. 

I set up the DVD player, made a comfy area on the floor and put the box by the door. A couple of minutes later everyone arrived. 

My P.O.V

After getting the text from Dani I grabbed my duvet and pillows and began walking down the hall to her and Liam's room. As I got there I was greeted by Perrie, Marie and Hannah, "Girls night, well day" Hannah said giggling. 

Suddenly the door was opened by a cheerful Dani, who frowned at us when she saw our phones. 

"If your coming in, phones get turned off and put in the box" she said with one eyebrow arched and a challenging smirk on her face. I turned off my phone and shoved it in the box, smiling smugly at her. She moved aside and let me in, closely followed by phone less Perrie and Marie. I stepped forward to see Hannah say on the floor clutching her phone to her chest yelling "MINE!!!".

I walked to her whilst looking at a confused Dani and giggling to myself. 


"Yes" she said in a surprisingly stern voice. 

"If you don't put your phone in the box you can't come in"I said as if she were a child. 

"Then I won't come in" she said stubborn as ever. 

"Hannah, there's chocolate"

"TAKE MY PHONE!!! Take it!" She said almost throwing her phone at me. As we walked in I slipped her phone in the box and joined the others in the home-made comfy area. 

Dani walked towards the stack of films and pulled one out, slipping into the DVD player she slid back into her spot with the popcorn, tea and chocolate. The film title flashed up one screen as the movie began. 

"Mean Girls"

I love this film, this is going to be a fun day. 

*four hours later*

The house phone went and Dani got up to get it, she looked up and nodded before putting it down and saying,
"How do fans get our number?" And sitting back down. Minutes later Marie started complaining that she was bored, and Hannah suggested that we go to the park. 

Zayn's P.O.V

The plan begins. 

Hey everyone, please vote, comment and fan me thanks. Tylea xx

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