Open your heart

My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


6. The annual French ball

My P.O.V

I'm sooo excited for the AFB( annual French ball) I'm going with Niall, hannah's going with Harry, Marie is going with liam ,zayn's going with danny and louis's going with an arsehole instead of his soulmate Marie.I'm happy because Niall is taking me shopping for a dress, his words not mine ''Pick any dress you like price is not of importance''he said. I think we're all going shopping all accept for Harry and Hannah, she must be sooooooo annoyed.Awww well Niall said it's time to go.

Hannah's P.O.V

Im sooo fucking pissed off at Harry, what am I going to where? ''Hannah come here a sec!!!'' Harry shouted from his room,I stomped in then stood hands on hips"What Harry i'm busy looking for something to wear,".He said no need and pulled the rope to his curtains an there ,hanging on the the window was the red dress,I always wanted that dress and I told him."OH MY GOD Harry thanx so much now I know why we didn't go shopping thank you!" I said still shocked.In the end it all worked out.

Louis's P.O.V

When we were shopping we met up with liam and Marie I ended up wandering off around 'Champs Elysees' leaving el with liam.We were stood by the shoes and she was babbling about eleanor and me and i followed my overwelming urges and kissed her right on the lips,after that thousands of thought popped into my head.What would El say? what is marie gonna say?what would the lads say? i'm so CONFUSED(.com).

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