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My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


14. Tease

Hey people, sorry I haven't updated I was busy updating my other one on wattpad, thanks for reading. Tylea xx

My P.O.V.

"I don't want to go out" I whined as Dani dragged me out of the warm confines of the apartment. 

"Tough!"Hannah and Perrie yelled making me roll my eyes at them. We began walking towards the park, as we arrived I turned to Perrie (she can't keep a secret to save her life). 

"What's really going on?"I whispered to her. 

"Well..." She began before being shushed by a sharp glare from Dani. 

All of a sudden I was pushed into darkness as I squeaked in surprise coming to an abrupt stop.

"Calm down, it's only a blindfold, you can trust me" Dani said reassuringly. 

"It's Hannah and Perrie I don't trust"I squealed excitedly. 

Dani chuckled as we continued to walk, I could here water so I presumed we were near the pond and I was praying they weren't gonna push me in. 

Suddenly I was brought out of the dark, as my eyes adjusted I saw a small table surrounded by candles and roses beside a small path covered in petals. I saw my Nialler stand up from the table, looking lovingly at me as he took my hands and guided me back down the path. The girls and recently appearing guys awwed and cooed at us before being abruptly told to "Fuck Off!" (My charming boyfriend). 

"Thank you baby, this is sooooo sweet you really didn't have to" I grinned noticing the nandos bag behind his chair.  

"I'm guessing you asked Harry to cook and he screwed it up?" I said sarcastically with an arched eyebrow. 

"You know me, and Haz so well. He burnt it and then explained why, he was busy texting Hannah. Honestly I think he's obsessed. Or in love" he muttered the last part mostly to himself. I chucked at him and grabbed the nandos, suddenly hungry. 

"Definitely Niall's girlfriend" I heard Zayn mumble as I finished my piri piri chicken shortly followed by Nialler. 

"You, my gorgeous girl, are the first ever person to finish a nandos before me. You ate everything, I'm impressed." Ni grinned leaning forward and and pressing a chaste kiss on my lips. Liam suddenly appeared and cleared everything away, as we wandered down the petal coated path stopping when we reached a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine with glasses, more candles and a little box. My eyes widen in shock. 

"Don't worry I'm not about to propose" Niallee-babe joked but then as we stopped giggling he looked at me smiling nervously before leaning in close. 

"I just wanted to give you this" he whispered in my ear, his sensual voice sending shivers down my spine. I looked in my hand and saw the most beautiful pendant. 

It was one half of a heart-shaped diamond which was coated in silver at the back, engraved into the silver was a tiny letter 'N' and Niall held out his which was identical apart from the fact that his was a little 'T'. He leaned forward allowing the two necklaces to join together. "Look" he whispered nipping my earlobe making me moan in delight. 

I looked down and saw a note written across the metal. 

"To my dearest Ty,
              I love you
                      Yours forever Nialler xxx

Tears welled in my eyes as I read this and Ni looked at me worried. 

"I've gone too far, you don't like it, why would you?" He started muttering.  

"No babe, no it's not that, NO!" I stated grabbing his face when he refused to look at me. I could see tears threatening to break the barriers as I stared at him before I kissed him, it was a long meaningful kiss filled with love and a content understanding of the other person. 

"It's perfect" I whispered before leaning back to look at him smiling. He smiled back before pouring us both some wine and handing me mine. 

"And just for the record, I would have said yes"I whispered into his ear before kissing down his neck and along his jaw. 

*Three Hours Later*

We walked back to our apartment hand in hand before stepping in. 

Niall's P.O.V

I'm so happy, we walked back into the apartment laughing and giggling at one thing (excuse the pun) or another. 

We were both quite drunk after going to a club afterwards, so when she led me into her room I couldn't keep my hands to myself.Not that she minded. 

Louis's P.O.V

As I walked Marie back to her room, which was across from Tyler's, we heard a lot of very loud noises. 

"Who knew they were so vocal?" I said making Marie burst out laughing. 

"Do you want to stay in my room tonight? because I doubt your going to get much sleep tonight" I asked nodding knowingly. 

"Sure Lou, thanks" she smiled before going into her room to get her stuff. As the last people in its our job to check all the windows and doors are locked so I went round checking and locking before going back to meet Marie. I stood outside trying to block the images forming in my head as I heard moans, groans and the occasional shush. 

Finally Marie came out "let's get out of here" she said covering her ears in distress.  I chuckled at her as we wandered to my room, making a quick stop to tell harry to quit snoring. Marie walked in and made herself at home on my bed, meaning in taking the sofa. I turned away from the figure on the bed when she grabbed my wrist pulling me back. 

"Lay with me, I don't bite.  Much" she said winking before bursting out laughing which of course made me laugh. 

After about 10 minutes we were laid on the bed sides hurting from giggling so much. I pulled of my pants and top leaving me in just my boxers and got inside, she raised her eyebrow at me and got off the bed. 

She slowly slid her jeans down her legs stepping out of them gracefully before pulling off her top and throwing it in a pile with her jeans. She unclipped her bra letting it slide down her shoulders, she walked over to my T-shirt draw pulling out a large one and slipping it on, her back still turned. She turned around and I let go of my lip, which I had been harshly chewing on, as she stalked over before looking down at my boxers which had formed a tent and smirking and getting into bed. 

"Night Lou" she purred kissing down my neck and laying down to go to sleep. I was incredibly turned on right now. 

" Tease" I muttered just loud enough for her to hear. 

"Let me change your opinion" she said seductively hardening me further, she crawled over the bed and I felt her fingers hook into the waistband of my boxers. 


Hey, do you think I should I should actually write a smut scene or leave it to your imagination. Please tell me, thanks for reading, Tylea xx

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