Open your heart

My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


4. Le gay Paris

Niall's P.O.V

We've just landed in the gorgeous Paris and straight away we were flooded by eager fans and even more desparate reporters. The one thing I'm worried about is Tyler, she'll be bombarded by people and I (being the strong man) will protect her. The other problem is it will take hours to get to the hotel room where we're meeting Eleanor.

Louis's P.O.V

I told Marie that I knew we had chemistry but it had to stop because of el being here. She looked at me with blue doe eyes and I could tell she looked upset so I muttered one word "SHIT!!!". She spent a couple of seconds carefully picking what to say to me and finally she said "Louis,I really like you but I wouldn't get in the way of you and eleanor 's relationship," to which I replied "awwww thats sweet but we can still be friends , close friends,".

Harry's P.O.V

I really like Hannah but she doesn't seem at all interested in me. Does she like me? I just don't know , maybe I'll ask Tyler or Marie to casually ask her cos then I'll know whether to use my killer moves.

My P.O.V

After we'd been to the hotel we went sight seeing. 5 boys, 4 girls and Louis's French carrot in a beret all stuffed into a tiny Eiffel tower elevator, the most " interesting " ride of my life.
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