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My name is Tyler and my friend Liam Payne who is like a big brother to me has invited me to go on tour with him and his group ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know a friend of mine a famous pop star. He said that I can take two friends with me on tour so I'll take my cousin and my friend. I'm totally in love with Niall so this tour should be fun (and very interesting).


12. Could it?

Hey all,as you may have noticed I'm making my chapters longer for you guys so enjoy this one.

It's dedicated to @hollymybabe for pushing me to update EVERY night Tylea xx
Zayn's P.O.V

Where's Harry? I haven't seen him all day, I'd of thought he'd be here. I still can't believe Eleanor did that! Perrie's at the hospital with the rest of us but she's crying her eyes out, her and El are best friends she'll freak if she dies. The doctor said that its a fifty-fifty chance the operation will work but we should all be prepared for the worst. 

The doctor walked out with a clipboard and said

"Eleanor Calder?"

We all rose, Perrie running forward eagerly wondering what he was going to say. 

"She is ok but she will be back in England at home on bed rest for the next six months due to multiple broken ribs and a small fracture in her spine. Your lucky, an inch up and she would have been paralysed. "

A gradual gasp escalated round the room as we all processed what had just been said. Perrie had physically relaxed (you could see from her less tense posture). "See I told you she would be ok" I said rubbing soothing circles on Perrie's back as we went into Eleanor's  hospital room. 

Harry's P.O.V

It was strangely quiet downstairs and didn't like the silence, as I wandered across my room popping my head out of my door, I squinted my eyes trying to dull the sunshine. "Louis?!?!"

No answer.

 "Niall!? Liam!?! Zayn!?!?!"

Still no answer. 

"Where is everyone" I muttered before noticing that the letter from the side of my bed was missing. Eyes wide and chest heaving I sprinted to check for the box under my bed. Instead of feeling the smooth, cold metal of the tin I felt a small jagged piece of card between my long fingers. Pulling it out my eyes widened even further (if that were even possible). 

The note said:

"To MY Harry,
                             I loved your letter, I loved your song and I love you. I am sorry me and Liam kissed, I need you back it was a mistake. Me and Dani have a plan, I am going to tell Liam it was a mistake and that it can't happen again and then Dani is going to ask for him back because she still loves him and he still loves her. We will be a couple and so will they ( if you take me back ) and all will be right again in the world. 

All my love
                     Your Hannahxxx"

Holy shit!My heart clenched as I read over the first sentence continually trying to imprint it on my brain and believe it. I have to go and find her, I ran out of my bedroom and realised I was still naked as the chill nipped my skin and peppered it with goosebumps. I ran as fast as I could pulling on clothes that Hannah said she liked on me, doing my hair and pulling on a jacket and beanie. 

As I reached the living room expecting to be met be cheeky banter and laughing, I wasn't. I was met by an unnerving silence and another note, this one not as good as the first:

"Hi Harry,
                   We're all at the hospital, something awful happened. El jumped in front of a bus and she's really hurt, and they don't know if she's gonna make it. We'll explain everything when we see you. I love you. 

Your Hannah xxx"

I don't know what to do, El's in hospital but Hannah loves me again. It seems to me as soon as your life becomes good in one area another comes tumbling down. I shoved on my converse and headed off for the hospital, arriving there in just under 10 mins. 

As I walked in to the empty waiting room a voice startled me from behind and I saw Tyler. 

"Hey, is El ok? Where is Hannah?" I asked,"El's in bad shape but she's gonna be fine and ill go get Hannah." She said smiling. 

Hannah's P.O.V

Tyler walked in and whispered to me "There's someone waiting for you," she pulled away smirking and then ran into Niall who amazingly managed to catch her. I wonder who could be waiting for me because it couldn't be Harry. 

Could it?

I walked through nerves rattling my frail body only to be called back by Marie"This is ALL my fault, Eleanor would not have hurt herself and she would not be here if it weren't for stupid me!"she cried breaking out in unstoppable sobs. I rubbed her back reassuringly and told her it would be ok. I was about to ask why she didn't go to Tyler, she is her cousin after all and then I saw her in the middle of a heavy make-out session with Niall and immediately understood. 

Although I wanted to comfort her I was to find out who was waiting. 

Louis's P.O.V

I'm so confused(.com)! Eleanor's unconscious on a hospital bed with tubes down her throat and Marie's on the floor sobbing. I turned to her to pick her up and she gladly accepted, she sat on my lap on the uncomfortable hospital sofa nuzzling into my neck and weeping lightly. 

I already knew what was bothering her, she thought it was HER fault when it wasn't. 

It was mine.

Harry's P.O.V

I've been here ten minutes maybe fifteen and I've got to accept the fact that the letter must have been a horrible joke and that she'll never love me again. I turned around to pick up my stuff do I could leave and be spared the grief. Then I heard a voice. 

"Harry?" The angelic voice said glittering and gleaming with hope like dew drops on freshly cut grass (Jesus I'm turning into a girl)

"Hannah!" I whispered confirming it to myself"Did you really mean what you said in the letter?" She nodded making tiny steps towards me and then taking my large hands in her small ones comparing their size before entwining our fingers.

"Truly, madly, deeply I am foolishly completely falling" she sung before I cut her off. 

"And somehow you caved all my walls in"

"So baby say"

"You'll always keep me"

"Truly, madly, crazy deeply in love with you" we whispered the last part together green orbs locked with blue the whole time. Before I finally closed the distance pressing my lips to hers, it was a kiss full of love and passion that neither of us made any effort to deepen. Slowly and reluctantly we pulled away staying in a comfortable silence as we rejoined our hands walking in to El's hospital room. 

When I saw Eleanor on the bed with tubes attached everywhere,a heart monitor and a drip connected to her arm I froze, startling Hannah. She looked at my puzzled then turned around following my gaze, as she realised what made me freeze she gave my hand a reassuring squeeze and said"The doctor said she'll be fine, don't worry babe".

I looked around, everyone was with someone. Niall and Tyler were sat on the rug at the side of the room cuddling and chatting, I mentally cooed at them. Zayn and Perrie were snogging, no surprise, Louis and Marie were laid down spooning on the small sofa, Marie had bloodshot eyes that were slightly puffy I think she had been crying. As if reading my mind Hannah said "She was convinced it was her fault, that's  why it took me so long to go to you plus I didn't know it was you so..."I chucked at her incoherent babbling. I then saw Liam and Dani holding hands looking lovingly at each other and then leaning in for a kiss. "Awww!" Me and Hannah cooed from the doorway quietly so we didn't disturb them. 

We sat on the plastic chairs holding hands casually waiting for El to awaken, Niall and Tyler were asleep (honestly that's all they do, cuddle then sleep), Liam and Dani were listening to music and everyone else were just talking. SOOOO much happened today, I'm exhausted and tomorrow will be even worst since we're going from here in Germany to Amsterdam and Hannah HATES planes.  
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